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Gender: male/female
Pronunciation: zeph-er
Meaning: west wind
Related Names: Cefirina, Sefarina, Sefira, Sephira, Tzefira, Tzephira, Tzephyra, Tzifira, Zayfeer, Zayfir, Zayphir, Zefeera, Zefir, Zefira, Zefiryn, Zephira, Zephirine, Zephiros, Zephirus, Zephyra, Zephyrine, Zephyrus, Zéphir

Length: 6 Gender: {{#if male/female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: zephyr Origin: Greek,, Meaning (no case): west wind

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The name Zephyr is of Greek origin and means "west wind," from the Greek Zephyros. It may refer to the wind as an abstract force, or to the god of the west wind.[1] It is an unusual name, and may be given to either boys or girls.[1]

Zephyr, the god of the west wind, features in several Greek myths, such as that of Cupid and Psyche, where he transports Psyche to Cupid's cave. He is also seen in the story of Hyacinth. Both Zephyr and Apollo have fallen in love with Hyacinth, but when Zephyr sees Hyacinth and Apollo playing discus together, he uses his wind to throw the discus off course so that it severs Hyacinth's head.[1]


Zephyr is an unusual name in the United States, and has not appeared on the top 1000 most popular names list in any recorded year.

It has had a bit more popularity in other countries: in 2003, Zephyr ranked as the 365th most popular boy's name in Australia.[1] The name, or its variant Zéphir, may have had some popularity in France.[1]

Zephyr is a very popular name to use for companies and products. Some of the more notable usages of this name are Zephyr Hats, the Ford Zephyr car (manufactured between 1950 and 1972) and Zephyr Test Management Software.[1]

As the 21st century opens up, parents are seeking unique and savvy new names, often choosing names that include previously neglected letters such as "q" "x" "y" or "z." With the rising popularity of other Z-names such as Zeke, Zachary, Zayden and Zane, it is quite possible that Zephyr, or one of its many variant forms, may broach the top 1000 chart in coming years.


  • Zephyranthes is a genus of flowers that includes the fairy lily, the rain lily and the zephyr lily. They are perennials and are native to North and South America.[1]
  • From 1962 to 1963, the Washington Wizards were called the Chicago Zephyrs. The Washington Wizards are a basketball team that currently resides in Washington, D.C.[1]
  • In the children's book series Babar by Laurent de Brunhoff, Zéphir was the name of the monkey.[1]




Author: Sarena Emily Levinson

Facts about ZephyrRDF feed
Gender male/female  +
Length 6  +
Meaning west wind  +
Meaningnc west wind  +
Name zephyr  +
Origin Greek  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation zeph-er  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Cefirina  +, Sefarina  +, Sefira  +, Sephira  +, Tzefira  +, Tzephira  +, Tzephyra  +, Tzifira  +, Zayfeer  +, Zayfir  +, Zayphir  +, Zefeera  +, Zefir  +, Zefira  +, Zefiryn  +, Zephira  +, Zephirine  +, Zephiros  +, Zephirus  +, Zephyra  +, Zephyrine  +, Zephyrus  +, and Zéphir  +
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