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Gender: female
Pronunciation: va-RON-ick-a, ver-RON-ni-kah, ve-RAHN-i-ka, veh-RON-ih-kah
Meaning: victory bringer
Related Names: Rana, Ranna, Rona, Roni, Ronica, Ronika, Ronna, Ronnee, Ronnica, Veera, Veira, Vera, Veranica, Veranique, Verinique, Vernice, Vernicka, Vernika, Verohnica, Verohnicca, Verona, Veronice, Veronicka, Veronika, Veronike, Veroniqua, Veronique, Veronka, Veronqua, Vonnie, Véronique

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 185


Name: veronica Origin: Latin,, Meaning (no case): victory bringer

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The name Veronica may stem from the Latin “veraiconica” which is a combination of “verus” meaning “true” and “iconicus” meaning “of or belonging to an image.” If so, the name derived from the wiping of Jesus's face with a towel, which left an imprint on the cloth. Others believe Veronice stems from the Latin “Berenice” meaning “bringer of victory,” which stems back to “pherein” meaning “to bring” and “nike” meaning “victory,” being a combination of the two.

Saint Veronica supposedly gave a handkerchief to Jesus, which he used to wipe his face, leaving his imprint. It is known as the Veil of Veronica.


According to the 1990 United States Census, Veronica ranked as the 158th most popular female first name. In the United States, the name ranked in the Top 1,000 most popular girls' names every decade since 1880. In the 21st century, the name ranked in the Top 300 most popular girls' names every year from 2000 (138th) through 2006 (211th).

United States Popularity of the girl's name Veronica in the 21st Century:

  • Year: 2006 Rank:211th
  • Year: 2005 Rank:207th
  • Year: 2004 Rank:193rd
  • Year: 2003 Rank:175th
  • Year: 2002 Rank:171st
  • Year: 2001 Rank:157th
  • Year: 2000 Rank:138th


  • July 9th is celebrated by the Catholic Church in honor of St. Veronica Giuliani.
  • July 12th is celebrated by the Catholic Church in honor of St. Veronica.
  • July 12th is celebrated in the Ukraine in honor of the name Veronica.
  • October 17th is celebrated in Russia in honor of the name Veronica.


  • “Veronica” is an 80s alternative rock song by Elvis Costello.
  • Veronica Mars is a television drama featuring Kristen Bell as the lead character Veronica Mars – a detective teenager.
  • “Veronica” is a character in the Archie comic books.
  • “Veronica” is a type of plant, commonly called speedwell.


  • Veronica Lake – Television and film actress who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Veronica De La Cruz – Television news personality and anchor with CNN News.
  • Veronica Franco – 16th century Venetian poet.
  • Verónica Castro – Mexican actress and singer.
  • Veronica Duka – Miss Kentucky, USA, in 1997.
  • Saint Veronica Giuliani – 17th and 18th century Italian mystic.



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Facts about VeronicaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 8  +
Meaning victory bringer  +
Meaningnc victory bringer  +
Name veronica  +
Origin Latin  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation va-RON-ick-a, ver-RON-ni-kah, ve-RAHN-i-ka, veh-RON-ih-kah  +
Rank in 2000s 185  +
Related Rana  +, Ranna  +, Rona  +, Roni  +, Ronica  +, Ronika  +, Ronna  +, Ronnee  +, Ronnica  +, Veera  +, Veira  +, Vera  +, Veranica  +, Veranique  +, Verinique  +, Vernice  +, Vernicka  +, Vernika  +, Verohnica  +, Verohnicca  +, Verona  +, Veronice  +, Veronicka  +, Veronika  +, Veronike  +, Veroniqua  +, Veronique  +, Veronka  +, Veronqua  +, Vonnie  +, and Véronique  +
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