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Gender: product
Meaning: hooked velvet, hook and loop fastener
Related Names: Nylon

Length: 6 Gender: {{#if product



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: velcro Origin: {{{origin}}} Meaning (no case): hooked velvet, hook and loop fastener



Velcro was invented in the 1940s by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral. Mestral came up with the idea after removing cockleburrs from his clothing and his dog's fur. He examined the burrs under a microscope and discovered the design of hooks that nature had perfected. Using the same principle, Mestral created the Velcro hook and loop fastener.[1] The first Velcro was made of cotton, but Mestral soon turned to Nylon for a sturdier material. He received a patent on the product in 1955,[1] and by 1958 he was marketing Velcro as a "zipperless zipper."[1]

The name Velcro was registered as a trademark on May 13, 1958.[1] The name is a portmanteau of the French velours, meaning "velvet" and croche meaning "hook."[1] Though Velcro is still a registered trademark, the name has slipped into common usage to refer to any sort of hook and loop fastener, whether made by the Velcro Industries or not. The Velcro Corporation has fought this generic usage, seeking to keep the Velcro name tied to their specific product.[1] The Velcro Corporation insists that the product be called by names such as "hook and loop fastener," "touch fastener" or "hook tape."[1][1]


  • The verb "velcroed" appeared in the English language in approximately 1972.[1]
  • The odd sport known as Velcro Jumping was popularized by David Letterman. The Velcro Company frowns on the practice.[1]
  • In 2007, Leonard Duffy invented the Slidingly Engaging Fastener, hailed as the "New Velcro," a strong fastener that hooks silently and doesn't wear out over time.[1]


  • Velcro Fly: song by ZZ Top
  • Velcro Stars: indie pop band
  • Mr Velcro Fastener: electronica duo
  • The Velcro Pygmies: band
  • Velcro Rollers: salon hair rollers
  • Velcro Jumping: a sport in which a person in a suit covered in the hook side of Velcro jumps against a wall covered in the loop side of Velcro, and sticks.

Author: Sarena Ulibarri


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Gender product  +
Length 6  +
Meaning hooked velvet, hook and loop fastener  +
Meaningnc hooked velvet, hook and loop fastener  +
Name velcro  +
Origin {{{origin}}}  +
Popularity 0  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Nylon  +
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