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Gender: product
Meaning: a collapsible shade
Related Names: Bumbershoot, Parasol

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if product



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: umbrella Origin: Latin, Italian, English Meaning (no case): a collapsible shade



The name Umbrella traces back to the Latin umbra, meaning "shade." The word first appeared in 17th century Italian as ombrello, and referred to a sunshade.[1] According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Umbrella had gained its modern usage in the English language by the late 17th century. Earlier forms included "Umbrellaes," "Umbrelloes" and "Umbrellia."[1]

The basic concept of the Umbrella as a sunshade and a rain protector has been around for more than a thousand years[1]. Umbrellas featuring steel ribs were invented in 1852 by Samuel Fox, and the compact collapsible Umbrella was invented in the 1950s.[1]


  • Bumbershoot: Take the umbre from umbrella, and the chute from parachute. Combine them and give it a more phonetic spelling, and you've got the name Bumbershoot! Bumbershoot is an American slang word.[1] The Oxford English Dictionary claims that it first appeared in writing in the year 1896,[1] so it was probably in use a few years before that. Other variations, such as Bumbersol and Bumberell were also common at one point.[1]
  • Parasol: A parasol is usually a lighter-weight umbrella designed to block the sun but not to protect from the rain.[1] This term comes from the Italian parasole, from parare, meaning "to shield" and sole meaning "sun."[1]
  • Brolly, Brollies: Slang term for umbrella common in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.[1] It probably derived from shortening Umbrella to Brella, which morphed into Brelly and eventually into Brolly.[1]
  • Gamp: This is British slang for an umbrella, especially a large baggy one. This term is taken from the character Mrs. Sarah Gamp from the Dickens novel Martin Chuzzlewit, who is known for always carrying her umbrella.[1]
  • Hanway: An 18th century term used by English gentlemen. The name comes from Jonas Hanway, a Persian writer who carried an Umbrella and is said to have made the accessory acceptable for men to carry.[1]


  • The metal or rubber tip on the end of an umbrella is called a "ferrule.[1]
  • The main outer body of a Jellyfish is called an umbrella.[1]
  • The first Umbrella shop, James Smith and Sons, opened in London in 1830.[1]


  • To be "under the umbrella of" something is an idiom meaning to be under a particular authority or to be included in a grouping.[1]
  • "Umbrella": hit song by Rihanna
  • Umbrella Corporation: fictional company in the Resident Evil video game series

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Gender product  +
Length 8  +
Meaning a collapsible shade  +
Meaningnc a collapsible shade  +
Name umbrella  +
Origin Latin  +, Italian  +, and English  +
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Related Bumbershoot  +, and Parasol  +
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