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Gender: female
Meaning: the manifestation of a God, manifestation of God
Related Names: Tiphaine, Tiffanie, Tiffanni, Tiphanie, Theophania, Tivian

Length: 7 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 155


Name: tiffany Origin: Greek,, Meaning (no case): the manifestation of a god, manifestation of god

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In Old French and Middle English it was a name given to girls who were born on Epiphany Day. Tiffany was also an early common name for the festival of the Epiphany. As a surname, as held by Charles L. Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co. the name dates back to England from about 1206. An English definition from 1601 defines tiffany as a thin, transparent fabric, but that definition is only found in English and the origin of that definition is unclear except perhaps as a vague allusion to "manifestation" but that is only speculation.


A beautiful name, one associated with wealth, beauty, style and heavenly appearances, it would seem that more parents would wish to endow their precious little girls with this appellation. That however has not proven true over the past century. Records dating back to 1880 show that the name Tiffany did not even break into the top 1000 most popular names for girls until 1962. The movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was released in 1961 and while Audrey was rated at 184 that year, and Holly at 160, Tiffany was not even on the list. In 1962, it showed up at 784 on the most popular list. The 1980's seemed to be the best decade for the name with an overall rating of 11 on the list. It began declining again and by 2006 was rated at 210.


While many parents do not seem to want to burden their daughters with a name that has so much divine possibility, one French family chose the original form, Theophane, for their son. Jean-Theophane Venard was born in Saint-Loup, Poitiers, France on November 21, 1829. He studied at the College of Doue-la-Fontaine in Montmorillon, Poitiers and at the Paris Seminary for Foreign Missions. He was ordained in June 1852 and embarked upon a missionary journey to Southeast Asia. From 1954 to 1860 he worked in West Tonkin, Vietnam under severe persecution by Minh-Menh, ruler of the area. He worked mainly by night out of caves or anywhere he could find a secure location. He was arrested in November 1860 and held captive in a cage, chained until his execution in February 1861. He was beatified in 1909 and canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1988. He is known as one of the Martyrs of Vietnam and his feast day is now February 2.

The word "Tiffany" also means thin veil or gauze.

"Tifinie" is used in Old French to mean "Epiphany."


  • Founded in 1837, Tiffany and Co. embarked upon a journey that equated their name with wealth and prestige. The name Tiffany now evokes images of brilliant jewelry, magnificent stained glass and Audrey Hepburn.
  • Tiffany, a Hollywood movie studio, which existed from 1922–1932
  • Tiffany, Wisconsin, a town in Dunn County, Wisconsin, United States



Tiff, Tiffanee, Tiffy, Tifany, Tiffanie, Tifinny, Tiffie


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Author: R. W. Ley

Facts about TiffanyRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 7  +
Meaning the manifestation of a God, manifestation of God  +
Meaningnc the manifestation of a god, manifestation of god  +
Name tiffany  +
Origin Greek  +
Popularity 2  +
Rank in 2000s 155  +
Related Tiphaine  +, Tiffanie  +, Tiffanni  +, Tiphanie  +, Theophania  +, and Tivian  +
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