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Origin Meaning
Gillian Latin youth, youthful
Giulia Italian youthful
Giulietta Italian Youthful
Giulio Italian youthful
Jill Latin nickname, youthful
Julee French Youthful, Jove's child
Julia Latin youthful, downy, soft and tender, soft-haired
Juliana Latin youthful, downy-haired, love's child
Juliann Latin youthful
Julianne Latin youthful
Julie French
youthful; child of Jove; soft-haired
Julienne Latin youthful, Jove's child
Juliet French
soft-haired, youthful
Julietta Latin youthful, Jove's child
Juliette French soft haired, youthful
Julissa American youthful, noble
Leeanne English light, beautiful, youthful
Navina Sanskrit Youthful
Owen {{{origin}}} well born, youthful warrior of noble birth
Velia Spanish Youthful
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