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Gender: female/male
Pronunciation: skahy or SKIE
Meaning: From the Isle of Skye , sheltering, protection and scholar
Related Names: Schulyer, Skie, Sky, Skyla, Skyler

Length: 4 Gender: {{#if female/male



Rank in 2000s: 444


Name: skye Origin: English,,, Scottish,, Meaning (no case): from the isle of skye , sheltering, protection and scholar



British – Scottish/English

Variant of Sky likely originating from the name of the island off the west coast of Scotland (the Isle of Sky). Also used as a short form of Skylar or an alternate of Sky. In early human history, people were often named after their land or area of origin.

The Dutch meaning of the girl’s name Sky means “sheltering” and the Danish variation, Schulyer (pronounced SKY-ler) also means “protection” and, interestingly, scholar.


Popularity of the female name Skye (Social Security Administration)

Year of Birth Rank
2006 433
2005 424
2004 400
2003 417
2002 446
2001 461
2000 480
1999 511
1998 492
1997 454
1996 581
1995 628

The popularity of the name Skye in other countries:

38th - Scotland (2006)
42nd - Scotland (2005)
57th - Scotland (2004)
63rd - Scotland (2002)
67th - Australia (NSW) (2003)
70th - Scotland (2003)
72nd - Australia (NSW) (1997)
77th - Britain (2006)
77th - England (2006)
77th - Australia (NSW) (2005)
81st - Australia (NSW) (2002)
82nd - Australia (NSW) (2000)
84th - Scotland (2000)
84th - Australia (NSW) (1999)
90th - England (2005)
90th - Britain (2005)
90th - Scotland (2001)
94th - Australia (NSW) (1998)
113rd - Australia (NSW) (2001)
207th - Canada (BC) (1997)
208th - Canada (BC) (2003)
339th - Canada (BC) (2000)
354th - Canada (BC) (2005)
381st - Canada (BC) (2004)
477th - Canada (BC) (2002)
486th - Canada (BC) (1999)
545th - Canada (BC) (2001)
605th - Canada (BC) (1998)
1309th - Belgium (2005)
2169th - Belgium (2004)
2772nd - Belgium (2002) [1]


  • Skye is sometimes used as a boy’s name, but it is rare. It only fell within the top 1000 names in three years since 1900: 1980, 1991 and 1993.
  • Media reports in April 2007 revealed that the island's official name had been changed to Eilean a' Cheò (pronounced "ellan-uh-cheeyaw" and meaning "Isle of Mist.") It was clarified, however, that Eilean a' Cheò referred only to one of its almost two dozen wards in a impending election and that there were no plans to further affect the island’s name or any signage, maps or other official recognition. [1]


  • The Isle of Skye, an island in the Hebrides, in NW Scotland primarily known for its rugged mountains and cattle farming. The population is 7372, and it is comprised of 670 sq. miles [1]
  • Skye Falling was a 2001 feature film starring Lori Ann Chism and Bryan Krandle
  • Skye Sweetnam (b. 1988) is a Canadian singer/songwriter (named after the Isle of Skye). She released her debut single, “Billy S.,” in 2003 and her debut album “Noise from the Basement” was released the next year and included the singles "Tangled Up in Me" and "Number One." Additionally, she sings the theme songs to Radio Free Roscoe, The Buzz on Maggie and Wayside. She received a New Artist of the Year Juno Award nomination n 2006. [1]


  • Skye, child of James Aubrey (television and film executive)
  • Skye, child of Jon Peters (hairdresser turned Hollywood producer)
  • Azura Skye (surname), actress/entertainer


Skye Smith, Skye Johnson, Skye Williams, Skye Jones, Skye Brown, Skye Davis, Skye Miller, Skye Wilson, Skye Moore, Skye Taylor, Skye Akiyama, Skye Altieri, Skye Ancalime, Skye Andernaughts, Skye Anfield, Skye Anglewicz, Skye Angulo, Skye Acker, Skye Adolph, Skye Agawa, Skye Aiken, Skye Aldridge, Skye Aldy, Skye Alexander, Skye Alexie, Skye Alfino, Skye Allbright, Skye Allbritton, Skye Alleman, Skye Allen, Skye Allmang, Skye Allsop, Skye Alverez, Skye Alviti, Skye Ambrose, Skye Andersen, Skye Anderson, Skye Andreen, Skye Andrews, Skye Angel, Skye Arborat, Skye Arceneaux, Skye Archer, Skye Arellano, Skye Armstrong, Skye Arndt, Skye Arnold, Skye Arthur, Skye Ashbrook, Skye Ashley, More results

Author: Mike Szimanski


Facts about SkyeRDF feed
Gender female/male  +
Length 4  +
Meaning From the Isle of Skye , sheltering, protection and scholar  +
Meaningnc from the isle of skye , sheltering, protection and scholar  +
Name skye  +
Origin English  +, and Scottish  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation skahy or SKIE  +
Rank in 2000s 444  +
Related Schulyer  +, Skie  +, Sky  +, Skyla  +, and Skyler  +
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