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Gender: male
Pronunciation: SIL-v-o, SIL-vio
Meaning: wood, forest
Related Names: Silas, Silvia, Silvija, Silvius, Sylvester, Sylvia, Sylvie

Length: 6 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: silvio Origin: Latin,, Meaning (no case): wood, forest



The boy’s name Silvio is most commonly considered an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of the Latin name Silvius, derived from the feminine Silvia from silva “wood” “forest.” It could also be:

  • from the Latin name Silvanus, the name of the Roman god of uncultivated land [1]
  • a form of Silas, which is from the Greek name Silvanus “forest”
  • in Italian, it can mean “forest dweller” “silver”
  • from Latin, meaning “belonging to the forest” “silver.”


Silvio was a popular name in the early 1900s. It first appeared on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names in 1908, ranking 1017. It reached its height of popularity at 692 in 1917, but disappeared from the list after 1930, when it came in at 918. [1]


  • According to legend, the mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, was Rhea Silvia. She raised her twins in Alba Longa (see Alba), where several kings bore the name Silvius. [1]
  • In Greek mythology, Silvanus (from which Silvio may be derived) was the god of trees. [1]
  • The Kabalarian Philosophy states that the name Silvio creates a desire to be responsible, and while a person with this name has good leadership qualities, he’s short on patience. A person named Silvio is ambitious and aggressive; has a quick, creative, and clever mind, and is very independent. It’s difficult for him to tolerate those who are slow and methodical. He loves change, travel, and meeting new people. [1]
  • In numerology, people named Silvio tend to be very active, and they like adventure and excitement. They hate to sit around for long periods; they’re action oriented, and they don’t like rules. They’re optimistic, intelligent, and have visionary ideas. On the down side, they’re prone to dissatisfaction, stubbornness, and obstinacy. They can be self-righteous, impatient, and tend to make hasty decisions.


  • Silvio Dante is a character on The Sopranos.
  • “Silvio” is a song by Bob Dylan & Rob Hunter, on the album Down in the Groove, released in 1988. [1]
  • Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge in Massachusetts is named after Representative Silvio O. Conte.
  • Silvio O. Conte Medical Research Center, Boston University School of Medicine is named after Representative Silvio O. Conte.
  • Movies with a character named Silvio:
    • A Scream in the Night (1919)
    • The Song of Fame (1934)
    • Pacific Liner (1939)
    • Silvio Bacigalupi The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942)
    • The Sicilian (1987)
    • Random Hearts (1999)
    • The Game of Their Lives (2005)
    • Beantown (2007)
    • The Flyboys (2008) [1]


  • Silvio Berlusconi (b. 9/29/1936) – Italian business executive and politician, was premier of Italy in 1994 and again from 2001 to 2006. He is the richest man in Italy (estimated $12 billion). His holdings include a media empire – television, film, advertising, publishing – construction, food, insurance, and he owns the AC Milan football club (Italy’s most successful).
  • Silvio O. Conte (Nov. 9, 1921 – Feb. 8, 1991) – long-time Representative from Massachusetts, served from 1955-1991, never having lost an election. He fought for health and human services, the environment, education, federal student grants and loans, and medical research. He was charismatic and well-loved by his constituents and colleagues.


Silvio Wagner, Silvio Aebischer, Silvio Aldana, Silvio Adami, Silvio Abbamonte, Silvio Abenti, Silvio Abramo, Silvio Abramovitz, Silvio Abrego, Silvio Abreu, Silvio Acebo, Silvio Acevedo, Silvio Achcar, Silvio Acuna, Silvio Adamo, Silvio Adams, Silvio Addamo, Silvio Agius, Silvio Agnello, Silvio Aguila, Silvio Aguilar, Silvio Aguirre, Silvio Aiello, Silvio Al, Silvio Aladjem, Silvio Alarcon, Silvio Albano, Silvio Albarracin, Silvio Baas, Silvio Babando, Silvio Baca, Silvio Baena, Silvio Baez, Silvio Anastasi, Silvio Berlusconi, Silvio Colhaco, Silvio Conte, Silvio Fama, Silvio Famularo, Silvio Luciano, Silvio Minciotti, Silvio Morelli, Silvio Piola, Silvio Pollio, Silvio Porretta, Silvio Ramiro, Silvio Rossi, Silvio Scotti, Silvio Simac, Silvio Ursino, More results

Author: Madeleine Wieder


Facts about SilvioRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 6  +
Meaning wood, forest  +
Meaningnc wood, forest  +
Name silvio  +
Origin Latin  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation SIL-v-o, SIL-vio  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Silas  +, Silvia  +, Silvija  +, Silvius  +, Sylvester  +, Sylvia  +, and Sylvie  +
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