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Gender: female
Pronunciation: SHAYR-en
Meaning: plain
Related Names: Carlene, Charin, Charla, Charlene, Cheron, Shara, Sharan, Sharen, Sharena, Sharene, Shari, Sharla, Sharolyn, Sharona, Sharonda, Sharonna, Sharren, Sharrin, Sharron, Sharronne, Sharry, Sharyn, Sheran, Sherilyn, Sheron, Sherri, Sherron, Sherry, Sheryn, Sherynn

Length: 6 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 544


Name: sharon Origin: Hebrew,, Meaning (no case): plain



The name Sharon is of Hebrew origin, and it means "a fertile plain." It was the name of a place in the Bible, the flat land at the foot of Mount Carmel.[1]

The phrase "rose of Sharon" comes from the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament and describes the beauty of a young woman. During the time of Solomon, the plain of Sharon was known for its beautiful flowers, though the exact flower in reference is up for debate. The Hebrew word chabatstseleth is often translated as "rose" but may also mean "meadow saffron."[1]


In the United States, Sharon first appeared on the chart of top 1000 most popular girls' names in 1925. It quickly gained popularity and was a top 10 name between 1943 and and 1949. It remained in the top 100 until the late 1970s, when it began a gradual decline, from which it has not recovered. In 2007, Sharon ranked as the 715th most popular name.[1]

Sharon is also popular in other countries[1]:

  • 353rd, Canada, 2005
  • 374th, Catalonia, 2001
  • 436th, Australia, 2002
  • 616th, Belgium, 2005


  • The toy Malibu Barbie was modeled after actress Sharon Tate's character 'Malibu' in the 1967 film Don't Make Waves.[1]
  • The Rose of Sharon, also known as the Rose of Althea, is a flowering shrub from the plant family Malvaceae, native to Asia. It is planted in areas with hot summers has white, pink, red, lavender, or purple flowers that are both attractive and edible.[1]


Placed named Sharon:

  • Sharon, Connecticut
  • Sharon, Georgia
  • Sharon, Kansas
  • Sharon, Massachusetts
  • Sharon, Mississippi
  • Sharon, North Dakota
  • Sharon, Oklahoma
  • Sharon, Pennsylvania
  • Sharon, South Carolina
  • Sharon, Tennessee
  • Sharon, Vermont
  • Sharon, Wisconsin
  • Sharon, West Virginia
  • New Sharon, Iowa
  • New Sharon, Maine
  • Sharon Center, Ohio
  • Sharon Grove, Kentucky
  • Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Sharon Springs, Kansas
  • Sharon Springs, New York
  • Sharon, Ontario, Canada

Songs about Sharon:

  • "My Sharona" The Knack

Fictional Characters named Sharon:

  • Sharon Cherski My So-Called Life
  • Sharon Maxwell Dragnet
  • Sharon Bridges The Drew Carey Show
  • Sharon Lesher Profiler
  • Sharon Upton Farley Girlfriends
  • Sharon My Left Foot
  • Sharon Made of Honor
  • Sharon Stop Loss
  • Sharon Egan The Invisible
  • Sharon Derns The Temp
  • Sharon Gaines Friday Night Lights
  • Sharon McKendrick The Parent Trap
  • Sharon Weathers Gridiron Gang
  • Rose of Sharon The Grapes of Wrath


Celebrity babies named Sharon:


Authors: JL Perry and Sarena Emily Levinson

Facts about SharonRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 6  +
Meaning plain  +
Meaningnc plain  +
Name sharon  +
Origin Hebrew  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation SHAYR-en  +
Rank in 2000s 544  +
Related Carlene  +, Charin  +, Charla  +, Charlene  +, Cheron  +, Shara  +, Sharan  +, Sharen  +, Sharena  +, Sharene  +, Shari  +, Sharla  +, Sharolyn  +, Sharona  +, Sharonda  +, Sharonna  +, Sharren  +, Sharrin  +, Sharron  +, Sharronne  +, Sharry  +, Sharyn  +, Sheran  +, Sherilyn  +, Sheron  +, Sherri  +, Sherron  +, Sherry  +, Sheryn  +, and Sherynn  +
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