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Gender: female
Pronunciation: sayr-a-FEE-nah
Meaning: fiery ones
Related Names: Serafina, Seraphine, Serophine, Serofina, Seraphe, Serafine, Sarafina, Seraphinus, Serafima, Sima, Fima, Fimochka, Serafino, Fina, -ina

Length: 9 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: seraphina Origin: Latin,,, Hebrew,, Meaning (no case): fiery ones



The name Seraphina derives from the Hebrew seraphim (שׂרפים), meaning "burning ones"[1] or "fiery ones."[1] Seraphim is the plural of Seraph, a type of angel in Judeo-Christian tradition. The Seraphim appear in the Bible, and are described as six-winged angels who guard the divine throne.[1] The Seraphim are considered the highest-ranking angels.[1]

In Late Roman times, the name Seraphinus emerged, and this name eventually morphed into the modern name Seraphina.[1]


In the United States, Seraphina is an uncommon girl's name. It has not appeared in the top 1000 most popular names list during any recorded year.[1]


  • Saint Seraphina was a young Italian girl who was deformed by a strange illness. Her feast day is March 12th.[1]
  • Blessed Seraphina Sforza was a 15th century Italian woman who entered the order of the Poor Clares when her husband would not lead a righteous life. Her feast day is September 9th.[1]
  • According to Urban Dictionary, Seraphina may be used as a term for a man's "dream woman," or it may be used to mean a strong and independent woman.[1]



Author: Sarena Ulibarri


Facts about SeraphinaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 9  +
Meaning fiery ones  +
Meaningnc fiery ones  +
Name seraphina  +
Origin Latin  +, and Hebrew  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation sayr-a-FEE-nah  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Serafina  +, Seraphine  +, Serophine  +, Serofina  +, Seraphe  +, Serafine  +, Sarafina  +, Seraphinus  +, Serafima  +, Sima  +, Fima  +, Fimochka  +, Serafino  +, Fina  +, and -ina  +
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