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Gender: product
Meaning: a drink flavored with the root of sassafras
Related Names: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7 up, Mountain Dew

Length: 9 Gender: {{#if product



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: root beer Origin: {{{origin}}} Meaning (no case): a drink flavored with the root of sassafras



Root Beer was originally made by brewing the root of the sassafras tree to achieve an extract. That root extract was then mixed with other ingredients, including yeast, to create a frothy, tasty beverage.[1]

Root Beer is commonly credited to Charles Hires, who is said to have invented the drink in 1870.[1] Dictionaries reveal, however, that the name Root Beer was already in usage as early as 1840.[1][1] Hires was the first to market the drink, however, and he secured a patent on his product in the mid-1870s. Since the root in Root Beer was brewed like a tea, the drink almost had to live with the name Root Tea. Supposedly, the name Beer was added so that Hines could market the drink to miners in Pennsylvania who were hard-drinkers being pressured by the temperance movement. Root Beer would appeal to them, without the harmful side effects of alcoholic beverages. Though Hines' company was the largest producer of Root Beer, he lost the trademark name Root Beer in 1879, possibly because the name was already in common usage.[1]



Root Beer may have a variety of ingredients. Most Root Beer manufacturers do not include the original ingredient of Sassafras in their product because Sassafras has been classified as a carcinogenic. Its cancer-causing properties are low, however, and are only a danger in extremely large dosages.[1][1] Common ingredients may include anise, burdock, cinnamon, dandelion, ginger, juniper, spikenard/sarsaparilla, vanilla, wintergreen, yellow dock, aspartame, corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, molasses, sugar, sodium benzoate, licorice, clove, sweet birch, nutmeg, pimento berry oil, balsam oil, cassia oil.[1][1]

Author: Sarena Ulibarri


Facts about Root BeerRDF feed
Gender product  +
Length 9  +
Meaning a drink flavored with the root of sassafras  +
Meaningnc a drink flavored with the root of sassafras  +
Name root beer  +
Origin {{{origin}}}  +
Popularity 0  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Coca-Cola  +, Pepsi  +, 7 up  +, and Mountain Dew  +
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