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Gender: female
Meaning: pearl
Related Names: Peg, Pegeen, Pegg, Peggi, -y(1)

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: peggy Origin: [[Origin::origin:English]], [[Category:origin:English Names]], [[Category:origin:English Given Names]], [[Origin::origin:Greek]], [[Category:origin:Greek Names]], [[Category:origin:Greek Given Names]] Meaning (no case): pearl

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The name Peggy is of English origin, originally used as a nickname for Margaret. During the Middle Ages, it was a common practice to exchange Ps for Ms in nicknames. Margaret was shortened to Meg, which was then changed to Peg or Peggy. [1] Peggy has been used as an independent name since the 18th century.[1]


According to the Social Security Administration, Peggy was a popular choice for a girl’s name for much of the twentieth century, ranking in the top 1000 names for girls from 1900 through 1989 and the top 100 names for girls from 1927 through 1962. [1]

  • 1990: Rank = 1001
  • 1989: Rank = 869
  • 1988: Rank = 808
  • 1987: Rank = 770
  • 1986: Rank = 705
  • 1985: Rank = 699
  • 1984: Rank = 564
  • 1983: Rank = 615
  • 1982: Rank = 532
  • 1981: Rank = 483
  • 1980: Rank = 440
  • 1970: Rank = 174
  • 1960: Rank = 69
  • 1950: Rank = 41
  • 1940: Rank = 38
  • 1930: Rank = 67
  • 1920: Rank = 219
  • 1910: Rank = 272
  • 1900: Rank = 380


  • Peggy, Texas, is a town in the United States.
  • Peggy is a 1911 musical comedy in two acts written by British composer Leslie Stuart with lyrics by C.H. Bovill. Songs in the musical include The Lass with the Lasso and Three Little Pebbles.
  • Peggy-Ann is a Broadway musical comedy that opened in 1926. Some of the songs include A Tree in the Park, Maybe It‘s Me, Where‘s that Rainbow?, Havana, and A Little Birdie Told Me So.
  • Peggy O’Neil is a song with words and music by Harry Pease, Edward G. Nelson, and Gilbert Dodge.
  • Peggy Sue is a hit song recorded by Buddy Holly in 1957.


  • Peggy Moody - character on the soap opera All My Children
  • Peggy Becker - character on The Rockford Files
  • Peggy Fair - character on Mannix
  • Peggy Hill - character on King of the Hill
  • Peggy Shotwell - character on St. Elsewhere
  • Peggy Tanner - character on Falcon Beach
  • Peggy - character in the film The Slugger’s Wife
  • Peggy - character in the film Year of the Dog
  • Peggy Braden - character in the film Just My Luck
  • Peggy Jane - character in the film Pleasantville




Peggy Reynolds, Peggy Smith, Peggy Johnson, Peggy Williams, Peggy Jones, Peggy Brown, Peggy Davis, Peggy Miller, Peggy Wilson, Peggy Moore, Peggy Taylor, Peggy A-eric, Peggy Aaby, Peggy Aadalen, Peggy Aakre, Peggy Aalderink, Peggy Aalto, Peggy Aann, Peggy Aarnio, Peggy Aaroen, Peggy Aasker, Peggy Aaslestad, Peggy Abarca, Peggy Abaza, Peggy Abbadini, Peggy Abbate, Peggy Abbe, Peggy Abbitt, Peggy Abbruscato, Peggy Abdo, Peggy Abdon, Peggy Abdou, Peggy Abee, Peggy Abel, Peggy Abeles, Peggy Abellan, Peggy Alariefy, Peggy Aagard, Peggy Aaker, Peggy Aanonson, Peggy Abbatiello, Peggy Abbott, Peggy Abbs, Peggy Arentz, Peggy Arenz, Peggy Arevalo, Peggy Aamodt, Peggy Aarhus, Peggy Aaron, Peggy Aarsen, More results

Author: Samantha Bell

Facts about PeggyRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 5  +
Meaning pearl  +
Meaningnc pearl  +
Name peggy  +
Popularity 0  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Peg  +, Pegeen  +, Pegg  +, Peggi  +, and -y(1)  +
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