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On Choosing a Stage Name

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If I’m to have any hope of becoming a star of stage or screen – an on again/off again fantasy – I’ll have to change my name. Madeleine Wieder (“Weeder”) isn’t at all glamorous, and it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. The question, of course, is what should I name myself? Do I want my stage name to say something about me, or do I want one that means nothing but sounds good? Should I choose something strange? Strange names are easy to remember, and I certainly want it to be memorable. How about something cute and sweet? Barf, no way. It could be deep, mysterious, or enigmatic. There are good names in fiction, fantasy and mythology. This is getting complicated; maybe I should just throw Scrabble tiles in the air and see how they land.

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Actually, my first name isn’t bad; I can work with it, and I’m descended from the Munro (Monroe) clan in Scotland, so there it is – Madeleine Monroe! It sounds glamorous; it flows, and it says something about me. There’s just one problem; it sounds too much like Marilyn Monroe, and I don’t want that. Next…

I’ve always liked The Lord of the Rings series, and I like some of the ethereal illustrations of faeries by Amy Brown and Brian Froud, so I’ll try a fantasy name. In this case, an online name generator is the way to go. The Elvish Name Generator[1] named me Tári Nénharma, and I got Molith Greycloak from MyPrecious[1]. Fairy Name Generator[1] gave me Columbine Goblinshimmer, and Willow Sky Flyer is from Quizilla[1]. I like Tári Nénharma, but it wouldn’t do for a stage name. Next…

A lot of people in the music industry have cool names; maybe I can use a rock star name generator to find a name that fits me. The pop star name given me by Pop Star Name Generator[1] is Gwen Simpson – doh, I don’t think so! My rap star name[1] is Harmony Soul, and my rock star name[1] is Ivy Stark. My early 90s pop star name[1] is Gemini Springer, which I think sounds more like a sleazy groupie name. I even tried a country music star name[1]Irene Oakridge. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Next…

I’m just going to check out a bunch of different name generators:

This is frustrating; I’m getting nowhere! In an act of true desperation, I asked my 12 year old son what he thinks my stage name should be. He likes Catalina Rivers.

I’m going to get my Scrabble game.


Author Madeleine Wieder

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