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Gender: male
Pronunciation: mō-ˈha-məd
Meaning: one who is praiseworthy, to praise, praised
Related Names: Mahamed, Mahammed, Mahmud, Mahomet, Mahommed, Mehmed, Mehmet, Mihammad, Mohamad, Mohamed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Mohammod, Mohammud, Mohamud, Mohmmed, Muhamad, Muhammed, Muhammod

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 650


Name: muhammad Origin: Arabic,, Meaning (no case): one who is praiseworthy, to praise, praised

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One legend states that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (570 - 632) was the first to have the name, but some texts state that other Arabs had the name before his appearance. In any case, when people reference "Muhammad," they are typically referring to the founder of Islam. Muhammad was not the creator of a new religion, but the restorer of the original faith based on pagan practices, basic theological elements of Christianity and Judaism according to his interpretations. Muhammad is considered the last and the greatest in a series of Islamic prophets.


The name Muhammad was the second most popular name for boys born in Britain last year, a survey by The Times has revealed. Beaten only by Jack, Muhammad has eclipsed traditional English favorites such as Thomas, Oliver and James and is likely to rise to number one in 2008.

Although the official register of names charts Muhammad at number 23, once all 14 spelling variants are taken into account the name - shared by 5,991 new-born boys - rises to second place.

Academics claim that the name's increasing popularity is partly driven by more young Muslims starting families coupled with their desire to choose a name for their child that reflects a strong connection to their religion.


Muslims believe that Muhammad founded the Islamic religion in the seventh century and esteem him as the last messenger and prophet of God.

It is a hugely popular name in the Muslim world and, indeed, is often cited as the most common name in the world, though there are no statistics to bear this out.

Around the globe, the name Muhammad is traditionally given to boys as an honorary first name followed by a middle name which they are commonly known by.

And in Arab countries, it is customary to use the name Muhammad when you don't know a person's real name, in much the same way that English-speakers use the name John or Jack. Think of a newcomer as a Muhammad-come-lately or a multi-talented person as a Muhammad-of-all-trades.



  • Muhammad, Islamic prophet
  • Muhammad ibn Maslama, called "The Knight of the Prophet," he was a follower of Muhammad
  • Muhammad of Ghor, Persian conqueror and sultan (from 1171 - 1206)


Muhammad Aabdin, Muhammad Aamer, Muhammad Aaqib, Muhammad Abbasi, Muhammad Abd, Muhammad Abdi, Muhammad Abdul, Muhammad Abdul-hafith, Muhammad Abdul-latif, Muhammad Abdul-malik, Muhammad Abdul-rahim, Muhammad Abdulaleem, Muhammad Abdulall, Muhammad Abdulbasit, Muhammad Abdulfattah, Muhammad Abdulghaffar, Muhammad Abdulghafur, Muhammad Abdulhafith, Muhammad Abdulkarim, Muhammad Alrokan, Muhammad Fadzli, Muhammad Fahim, Muhammad Fairuz, Muhammad Faiz, Muhammad Haikal, Muhammad Ihsan, Muhammad Jaflus, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Nadzri, Muhammad Radzi, Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Safdar, Muhammad Sattarr, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Wahizul, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Zaman, Muhammad Aadam, Muhammad Aalam, Muhammad Aamir, Muhammad Aasif, Muhammad Aasim, Muhammad Abahsain, Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Abbass, Muhammad Abbati, Muhammad Abdalla, Muhammad Abdallah, Muhammad Abdat, More results

Author: LD Currie

Facts about MuhammadRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 8  +
Meaning one who is praiseworthy, to praise, praised  +
Meaningnc one who is praiseworthy, to praise, praised  +
Name muhammad  +
Origin Arabic  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation mō-ˈha-məd  +
Rank in 2000s 650  +
Related Mahamed  +, Mahammed  +, Mahmud  +, Mahomet  +, Mahommed  +, Mehmed  +, Mehmet  +, Mihammad  +, Mohamad  +, Mohamed  +, Mohammad  +, Mohammed  +, Mohammod  +, Mohammud  +, Mohamud  +, Mohmmed  +, Muhamad  +, Muhammed  +, and Muhammod  +
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