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Gender: female
Pronunciation: MAR-lah
Meaning: the star of the sea
Related Names: Mara, Marlena, Marlene, Marlette, Marlo, Marlon, Marlyn, Marlys

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: marla Origin: Hebrew,,, Greek,, Meaning (no case): the star of the sea

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Marla is mainly used in English but is of Hebrew origin. In English, the meaning is a variation of Marlene or a woman from Magdala. In Greek, Marla means "high tower." The name means both "the star of the sea" and "a bitterly wanted child" in Hebrew and in Latin.[1]


Marla first appeared on the top 1000 chart in the United States in the year 1935. It rose to a peak as the 193rd most popular girl's name in 1955, but then popularity began to decrease. It remained in the top 500 until 1980, but dropped off the top 1000 chart completely after 1991.[1]

Marla has also been somewhat popular in other countries, such as Australia, where it ranked 679th in 1997.[1]


  • Marla Ruzicka was the founder of the non-governmental Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), a human rights organization working to compensate civilian victims of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ruzicka was killed in 2005, at age 28, by a suicide bomber.[1]
  • Marla is the name of a city in South Australia.[1]
  • The Marla faith is practiced by the people of Mari El, Russia. It combines Christianity and Shamanism.[1]
  • A Marla is a unit of measure used for land in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. It measures 25 square yards.[1]


Fictional Characters named Marla:



Authors: JL Perry and Sarena Emily Levinson

Facts about MarlaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 5  +
Meaning the star of the sea  +
Meaningnc the star of the sea  +
Name marla  +
Origin Hebrew  +, and Greek  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation MAR-lah  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Mara  +, Marlena  +, Marlene  +, Marlette  +, Marlo  +, Marlon  +, Marlyn  +, and Marlys  +
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