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Gender: female
Pronunciation: mah-ree-sole
Meaning: Maria of the sun
Related Names: Mari, Maria, Maria Soledad, Mariposa, Mary, Marysol, Sol, Soledad, Soli

Length: 7 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: marisol Origin: Spanish,, Meaning (no case): maria of the sun



There are three different definitions of Marisol, each equally as valid:

  • Mary of the Sun: Marisol may be a combination of the name Maria, or Mary, and the Spanish word for sun, sol.[1] Mary or Maria can be traced back to the name Miryam, which means "bitter," as in a "bitterly wished-for child."[1]
  • Lonely Maria: Marisol may be a shortened version of the name Maria Soledad.[1] Soledad is a Spanish word that means "solitude" or "loneliness."[1] Usage of Maria Soledad may have been in reference to St. Maria Soledad, a 19th century Spanish nun.[1] It may also have referred specifically to the image of the grieving mother of Christ.
  • Sunny Sea: Mari may come from a Latin source meaning sea, as other names such as Marina. Sol comes from the Spanish "sun." Therefore, the meaning is "sea of the sun" or "sunny sea."[1]


In the United States, Marisol first appeared on the top 1000 names chart in 1962. It quickly rose into the top 500, making its peak as the 311th most popular girl's name in 1970. It has remained in the top 500 since then, fluctuating between the 400s and 300s. In 2007, Marisol was the 414th most popular girl's name in the United States.[1]

Marisol is also a moderately popular name in Catalonia. In 1999, Marisol was the 365th most popular girl's name in Catalonia.[1]

Marisol is also sometimes used by French-speaking families. In 2007, Marisol ranked as the 580th most popular girl's name in Quebec.[1]


  • Popularity of the name Marisol in the United States may be partially attributed to the appearance of Venezuelan artist Marisol Escobar, who had her first public successes in the late 1950s and kept company with Andy Warhol in the 1960s.[1]



Author: Sarena Emily Levinson


Facts about MarisolRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 7  +
Meaning Maria of the sun  +
Meaningnc maria of the sun  +
Name marisol  +
Origin Spanish  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation mah-ree-sole  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Mari  +, Maria  +, Maria Soledad  +, Mariposa  +, Mary  +, Marysol  +, Sol  +, Soledad  +, and Soli  +
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