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Gender: female
Pronunciation: kath-LEAN
Meaning: = pure
Related Names: Caitlin, Catelyn, Caterina, Catherine, Cathleen, Cathryn, Cathy, Catie, Kate, Katelyn, Katherine, Kathryn, Kathy, Katie, Katrina

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 290


Name: kathleen Origin: English,, Meaning (no case): pure



Kathleen is a primarily English name, thought to be a variation of the name Katherine. It is commonly thought to have become an English name stemming from the Greek 'Aikaterine', whose original meaning is disputed, but is often thought to mean something along the lines of 'pure' or 'virginal'. [1]

Kathleen and Cathleen are traditionally English/Irish names thought to have entered the British Isles through French influence. A common female French name, Catherine is said to have inspired the English/Irish name Kathleen. Spellings with 'C' and 'K' are both common. [1]


Kathleen is a popular given female name in the U.S. It last was rated as number 371 in 2006 on the list of the 1000 most popular female baby names. Although that's a decently popular name, the name Kathleen hit its peak in America during the 1950s when it rose all the way to fifteenth most popular baby girl's name. [1] The name still holds its own, as do many other related names such as Katherine and Kate, perhaps simply because they're beautiful names, or perhaps because their meaning is one that parents like to give their children in a name.

Kathleen is also a popular female name in Canada, Australia and Belgium. It is most popular in Canada, where it hit a recent peak of 135th in 2000. [1]


There are two towns in the United States of America that are named Kathleen:

  • Kathleen, Georgia
  • Kathleen, Florida


A few well-known figures have named their babies Kathleen:




Kathleen Carroll, Kathleen Maguire, Kathleen Smith, Kathleen Johnson, Kathleen Williams, Kathleen Jones, Kathleen Brown, Kathleen Davis, Kathleen Miller, Kathleen Wilson, Kathleen Moore, Kathleen Taylor, Kathleen A-l, Kathleen Aaberg, Kathleen Aabram, Kathleen Aachmann, Kathleen Aakervik, Kathleen Aakre, Kathleen Aalberg, Kathleen Aalbertsberg, Kathleen Aamland, Kathleen Aamoot, Kathleen Aanerud, Kathleen Aanonsen, Kathleen Aanstoos, Kathleen Aarhus, Kathleen Aaronberg, Kathleen Aarons, Kathleen Aaronson, Kathleen Aarts, Kathleen Aas, Kathleen Aase, Kathleen Aaseth, Kathleen Aasmundstad, Kathleen Abad, Kathleen Abadie, Kathleen Abair, Kathleen Abajian, Kathleen Abalos, Kathleen Abarca, Kathleen Abata, Kathleen Abatiello, Kathleen Agrodnia, Kathleen Asedo, Kathleen Eazham, Kathleen Aalrust, Kathleen Aasheim, Kathleen Aasted, Kathleen Abaied, Kathleen Abato, More results

Author: Rachel Hanson

Facts about KathleenRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 8  +
Meaning: Pure  +
Meaningnc: Pure  +
Name kathleen  +
Origin English  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation kath-LEAN  +
Rank in 2000s 290  +
Related Caitlin  +, Catelyn  +, Caterina  +, Catherine  +, Cathleen  +, Cathryn  +, Cathy  +, Catie  +, Kate  +, Katelyn  +, Katherine  +, Kathryn  +, Kathy  +, Katie  +, and Katrina  +
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