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Gender: male
Pronunciation: JAHN-a-thin
Meaning: YHVH-Given
Related Names: Jon, Jonny, Johnathan, Jo-, Nathan

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 20


Name: jonathan Origin: Hebrew,,, [[Origin::origin:Hebrew]], [[Category:origin:Hebrew Names]], [[Category:origin:Hebrew Given Names]], [[Origin::origin:German]], [[Category:origin:German Names]], [[Category:origin:German Given Names]] Meaning (no case): yhvh-given



Hebrew, Yehownathan shortened to Yownathan[1], from Jo- + Nathan

Jonathan is a first name for boys. Jonathan comes from Biblical times. Jonathan appears multiple times in the Bible, but is most commonly known as the son of King Saul[1], and was one of David's best friends[1].

Jonathan is actually a longer version of Nathan, and not a longer version of John, as it is commonly believed.[1] In Hebrew, Jonathan derives from the name 'Yônāṯān', and John derives from 'Yôḥānnān', and means 'God is gracious'.[1]


Jonathan is an extremely popular name in the United States, as evidenced by the following chart showing its rank from the years 2006-1998.

Year of Birth Rank
2006 22
2005 19
2004 21
2003 22
2002 21
2001 23
2000 21
1999 22
1998 21

But Jonathan isn't only popular in the United States. In Sweden, from 1998-2006, Jonathan was ranked 6th to 26th overall. In Denmark, as of 2005, Jonathan was ranked at 38th overall.[1]


The Amazing Jonathan is a comedian, magician and actor. His name is not actually Jonathan, but John. Jonathan is his stage name, most likely due to the confusion that Jonathan is a elongated version of John.

Brother Jonathan was the original personification of the United States. Uncle Sam, with his top hat and beard, didn't actually appear until the 1850's[1]. British loyalists of Revolutionary America would refer to Revolutionary patriots as 'Brother Jonathan'. There is some belief that Brother Jonathan was originally based off of Jonathan Trumbull, the governor of Connecticut. Brother Jonathan shared many of the same distinctive characteristics we associate with Uncle Sam today. He often had a top hat, a long-tailed coat and striped pants.

It is believed that Brother Jonathan was replaced by Uncle Sam during the Civil War because of what the two personifications stood for. Brother Jonathan was seen as a conglomeration of many different states who joined together for common ideals. After the Civil War, Uncle Sam was used to signify a single country, that happens to be divided into individual states.[1]


  • There is a character named Jonathan Levinson in the 2001 Buffy comics
  • Minnesota has a town named Jonathan
  • In Tamora Pierce's popular YA novels, there is a king named Jonathan of Conte
  • There is a variety of apple named Jonathan




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Author: Anna Linstrom

Facts about JonathanRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 8  +
Meaning YHVH-Given  +
Meaningnc yhvh-given  +
Name jonathan  +
Origin Hebrew  +
Popularity 1  +
Pronunciation JAHN-a-thin  +
Rank in 2000s 20  +
Related Jon  +, Jonny  +, Johnathan  +, Jo-  +, and Nathan  +
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