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nickname, may he add, God will add


habitational from Abalos


joh, jo

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autowikibot on Thoughts for Thursday, 4/17
April 19, 2014
"#####	 ######	 ####	 [**Dingle Diamond**]( [](#sfw) --- >__The Dingle Diamond__ was a temple allegedly constructed by the [Tuatha De Danaan]( using sacred geometry in the hills of the [Dingle Peninsula](, West Kerry, [Ireland]( The concept of the Diamond is the work of the authors Joe Abalos and C.P.R. May, but is not widely accepted by archaeologists, mythologists or scholars of early Irish literature. Their hypothesis postulates that it was built around 3000 BC, and that it aligns with the midsummer sunrise, creating an exact latitude measurement. They suggest that the temple was part of a religious project undertaken by the mythical people known as the Tuatha De Danaan to create a sacred marriage of the sun and the earth. > --- ^Interesting: [^Tuatha ^Dé..."

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