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Gender: male/female
Pronunciation: JESS-ee
Meaning: Extant, Persisting
Related Names: Betsy, Hesse, Jase, Jesiah, Jess, Jessey, Jessica, Jessie, Jessy, Josh, Joss, Jossie, Leslie, Yishai

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if male/female



Rank in 2000s: 96


Name: jesse Origin: {{{origin}}}, [[Category:{{{origin}}} Names]], [[Category:{{{origin}}} Given Names]] Meaning (no case): extant, persisting



In the Bible, Jesse (Yishai[1], in Hebrew) was the grandson of Boaz and Ruth, and the father of King David. He is said to be the progenitor of the genealogy line that led to Jesus. As someone with such a place of honor in biblical text, the name Jesse has been passed down through numerous generations in the Western world and is popular in English-speaking countries.[1]


The name has been on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s most popular list consistently for over 120 years. It reached the peak of popularity for male names at the 26th spot twice in the 1880s and ranked 107 in 2007. As a female name, it was common in the late 1800s and regained popularity in the 1970s.[1] The U.S. Census Bureau ranks Jesse as a male given name in the 89th position, meaning that 0.209% of males in the U.S. are named Jesse. As a female name, it ranks 1044 and has a frequency of 0.008%.[1]


  • JESSE is the Journal of Earth System Science Education. Through it, educators hope to elevate the achievement of today’s students in the fields of physical and life sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, as it relates to global change.[1]
  • Jesse is the name of a contemporary furniture company in Venice, Italy. Known for its modern, stylish design, attention to detail and sturdy construction, Jesse chairs, sofas, sideboards, tables and Regolo storage systems have become popular around the world.[1]
  • Tree of Jesse is a Christian symbol and way of tracing lineage from ancient times and throughout biblical accounts. Based on the book of Isaiah, it describes the genealogy preceding the birth of Jesus. As expressed through art, it shows the branches of the family tree that includes Jesse and his son, King David, and shows the direct decent to Jesus.[1]


  • Jesse Katsopolis, better known as Uncle Jesse, was a lovable character on the ABC TV sitcom, Full House, which debuted in 1987. The character, played by actor/singer John Stamos, was the brother-in-law of the lead player, Danny Tanner. During the 9 seasons of Full House, Jesse had many jobs including exterminator, ad jingle writer, advertising executive, radio talk jock, club owner and rock musician. Jesse was a huge Elvis fan.[1]
  • Jessie's Girl was a hit song for writer/singer Rick Springfield in 1981. The chart-topping tune won the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.[1]
  • Jesse was an NBC TV sitcom that was on the air from 1998-2000. Christina Applegate starred as Jesse Warner, a single mom in Buffalo, NY.[1] Although the series was nominated for and won many awards, including the 1999 People's Choice Awards, USA for Favorite Television New Comedy Series and TV Guide Award for Favorite Star of a New Series (Christina Applegate), it didn’t have a long run.[1]


  • Jesse Jackson is an American reverend, civil rights activist and former presidential candidate who was born in South Carolina on October 8, 1941. He has held many positions with nonprofit, rights advocacy groups and is the founder of the National Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH. The two organizations have merged and are now the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, under the leadership of Jackson (president).[1]
  • Jesse Woodson James is one of America’s most famous and legendary outlaws. Born in Missouri on September 5, 1847, this son of a Baptist minister and his brother, Frank, formed a gang after serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. The James brothers often got together with other criminals such as the Younger brothers and the Ford brothers, and were responsible for dozens of bank, train, stagecoach and store robberies throughout the West.[1]
  • Jesse Gregory James is known for his ability to craft unique motorcycles and much more. The owner of West Coast Choppers was born in Lynwood, California on April 19, 1969 and claims to be a distant descendant of the notorious outlaw with the same name. James has been the host of two TV hits on the Discovery Channel - Monster Garage and Motorcycle Mania.[1]
  • Jesse McCartney is a teen heartthrob who was born on April 9, 1987 in Ardsley, New York. The singer/songwriter/actor started out in theater productions but soon went on to a Daytime Emmy Award-nominated role on the ABC soap opera, All My Children. He has also been in a boy band, appeared on various Disney Channel TV shows and starred in the WB TV series Summerland. [1]
  • Jesse Owens was an American athlete who was born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama and given the name James Cleveland Owens. It is said that Owens liked to be called by his initials JC, and that evolved into Jesse. He broke numerous records in track and field, and won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.[1]
  • Jesse Ventura first became famous as a wrestler who was known as "The Body." Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 15, 1951 with the name James George Janos, the retired wrestler who had been a U.S. Navy SEAL went on to become an announcer, an actor and a politician. He was the mayor of Brooklyn Park and then the governor of his home state, Minnesota. He is still active in politics and appears often on TV news and talk shows.[1]
  • Jesse White was an American actor best known for his portrayal of the lonely Maytag repairman. Born in Buffalo, New York on January 3, 1917, White became an accomplished character actor in movies and on TV. Some of the shows he appeared on include The Jack Benny Program, The Ann Southern Show and The Beverly Hillbillies.[1]
  • Jessye Norman is an American opera star who was born on September 15, 1945 in Augusta, Georgia. While a student at Howard University, she began to sing professionally. After receiving a masters degree from the University of Michigan, she moved to Europe, where she performed in many operas. She now lives in New York and gives many concerts and recitals.[1]



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Author:Pearl Salkin

Facts about JesseRDF feed
Gender male/female  +
Length 5  +
Meaning Extant, Persisting  +
Meaningnc extant, persisting  +
Name jesse  +
Origin {{{origin}}}  +
Popularity 1  +
Pronunciation JESS-ee  +
Rank in 2000s 96  +
Related Betsy  +, Hesse  +, Jase  +, Jesiah  +, Jess  +, Jessey  +, Jessica  +, Jessie  +, Jessy  +, Josh  +, Joss  +, Jossie  +, Leslie  +, and Yishai  +
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