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Gender: female
Pronunciation: JEN-iff-er
Meaning: fair one, fair and soft, white spirit, white wave, white skin, white shoulders, pure and yielding, smooth
Related Names: Genevra, Geniffer, Genna, Genni, Gennie, Gennifer, Gennivre, Genny, Gennyfir, Ginevra, Ginnifer, Guinevere, Gwenhwyfar, Jen, Jena, Jenefer, Jeni, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenn, Jenna, Jennee, Jenni, Jennica, Jennie, Jenniver, Jenny

Length: 8 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 36


Name: jennifer Origin: Cornish,,, Welsh,,, Celtic,, Meaning (no case): fair one, fair and soft, white spirit, white wave, white skin, white shoulders, pure and yielding, smooth

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The name Jennifer is of Welsh/Cornish origin and was derived from the English name Guinevere (Gwenhwyvar). Some believe that the names Jenny and Jennifer actually evolved separately. Jenny was considered a common nickname or pet name for Johanna or Jane, and in Scotland, for Jannet. The name Jane was used with a nickname Jenny in 1902 in E. Nesbitt's "Five Children and It;" and in 1602, Shakespeare punned "genitive" with Jenny in "The Merry Wives of Windsor." It is thought that the success of the name Jennifer was due to a shift from older names like Jane, Janet, Janice, Jean and Joan, which were all going out of fashion around the 1970s.


From 1970 through 1984, the name Jennifer ranked #1 on the Social Security Administration's list of the Top Five Baby names for females. The following year it dropped to #3; then for 2 years it was #4; and finally, in 1988, it dropped to #5 and hasn't reappeared on the Top Five list since. In 2006, it ranked #51 of the Top 1,000 Names. In England, Jennifer was only one of seven names that made it to the Top 100 list from 1944 through 1994.


The name Jennifer was used for the character, Jennifer Dubedat in George Bernard Shaw's famous 1905 play, "The Doctor's Dilemma," even though it was not a popular name during the first half of the 20th Century.

The name Jennifer has also been the subject of numerous popular songs, such as Donovan's "Jennifer Juniper" and the Hollies "Jennifer Eccles." Although Jennifer is always thought of as a name given to females, it ranked 2772nd in 2002 as a boy's name in Belgium.


The melodic name Jennifer was so popular that a theory evolved - the "Theory of the Two Degrees of Jennifer." It is similar to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but this theory suggests ethat if you don't know a Jen yourself, at least one of your friends or acquaintances does.

Jennifer Cavileri was the famous love interest of Oliver Barrett in Erich Segal's movie, Love Story.


  • Jennifer Jones. Although the name Jennifer has many variants that go back for centuries, Jennifer first became popular by actress, Jennifer Jones, who won an Academy Award in 1943 for "The Song of Bernadette," and in 1948 appeared as the character Jennie Appleton in "Portrait of Jennie."


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Facts about JenniferRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 8  +
Meaning fair one, fair and soft, white spirit, white wave, white skin, white shoulders, pure and yielding, smooth  +
Meaningnc fair one, fair and soft, white spirit, white wave, white skin, white shoulders, pure and yielding, smooth  +
Name jennifer  +
Origin Cornish  +, Welsh  +, and Celtic  +
Popularity 1  +
Pronunciation JEN-iff-er  +
Rank in 2000s 36  +
Related Genevra  +, Geniffer  +, Genna  +, Genni  +, Gennie  +, Gennifer  +, Gennivre  +, Genny  +, Gennyfir  +, Ginevra  +, Ginnifer  +, Guinevere  +, Gwenhwyfar  +, Jen  +, Jena  +, Jenefer  +, Jeni  +, Jenifer  +, Jeniffer  +, Jenn  +, Jenna  +, Jennee  +, Jenni  +, Jennica  +, Jennie  +, Jenniver  +, and Jenny  +
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