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Gender: female
Pronunciation: JEN-ah
Meaning: white, fair, smooth, paradise, small bird
Related Names: Genevieve, Genna, Jean, Jen, Jena, Jenn, Jennabel, Jennah, Jennalee, Jennalynn, Jennarae, Jennasee, Jennifer, Jenny

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 56


Name: jenna Origin: Hebrew,,, English,,, [[Origin::origin:Cornish]], [[Category:origin:Cornish Names]], [[Category:origin:Cornish Given Names]], Arabic,, Meaning (no case): white, fair, smooth, paradise, small bird



Jenna is of English origin, a variant of Jenny with the "a" ending instead of the "y". [1]

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The name Jenna has been increasing in popularity over the past twenty years. In a sample of the 1990 U.S. census, Jenna ranked 453rd. However, in a sample of 2000-2003 Social Security Administration statistics, Jenna ranked 50th in popularity. [1]

  • 2006: Rank = 88
  • 2005: Rank = 62
  • 2004: Rank = 56
  • 2003: Rank = 54
  • 2002: Rank = 47
  • 2001: Rank = 45
  • 2000: Rank = 64
  • 1999: Rank = 61


  • Some girls in the 1980s were named after the character Jenna Wade on the television drama Dallas. [1] This Jenna jilted Bobby Ewing twice, marrying the phony Italian count Naldo Marchetta both times. She was framed for murder but eventually cleared by Bobby. A quote from Jenna to Bobby: “Do you know what it’s like to have gotten to my age and only to have loved one person?” [1]
  • Teasing nicknames for the name Jenna include: Gen-X, Generator, Jen-Air, Jen-ben, J-e-n-n-a (sung to the tune of the jello song), Generic, and Jenmeister.[1]


  • Jenna, an animated character from the Balto film series about sled dogs
  • Jenna Stannis, a fictional character Blake's 7, a British science fiction television series
  • Jenna, a character in the video game series "Golden Sun" [1]


  • Jenna Bush (b. 1981) - daughter of U.S. President George W. Bush. Jenna and her sister Barbara are fraternal twins and the first twin children of a U.S. President. After working as an intern with UNICEF in Latin America, Jenna wrote her first book, Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, which focuses on the life of a young woman she befriended while traveling.
  • Jenna Hawkins (b. 1919) - the mother of Laura Bush and grandmother of Jenna Bush
  • Jenna Elfman (b. 1971) - actress best known role as Dharma on the popular sitcom Dharma & Greg
  • Jenna Fischer (b. 1974) - American actress best known for her role as Pam Beesly in the U.S. adaptation of the popular sitcom The Office



Jenna Smith, Jenna Johnson, Jenna Williams, Jenna Jones, Jenna Brown, Jenna Davis, Jenna Miller, Jenna Wilson, Jenna Moore, Jenna Taylor, Jenna Aaland, Jenna Abasta, Jenna Abb, Jenna Abbey, Jenna Abernathy, Jenna Ablondi, Jenna Abnee, Jenna Abney, Jenna Abriola, Jenna Acebo, Jenna Acuna, Jenna Adamcz, Jenna Aasen, Jenna Abaham, Jenna Abe, Jenna Abett, Jenna Ablan, Jenna Abrevaya, Jenna Abruzzo, Jenna Abts, Jenna Ackerman, Jenna Actkinson, Jenna Aanden, Jenna Aaronian, Jenna Abbate, Jenna Abbott, Jenna Abel, Jenna Abelli, Jenna Aber, Jenna Aberson, Jenna Abraham, Jenna Abucevitch, Jenna Accomando, Jenna Aceycek, Jenna Achenbach, Jenna Achten, Jenna Acker, Jenna Ackeret, Jenna Acord, Jenna Acosta, More results

Author: Samantha Bell

Facts about JennaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 5  +
Meaning white, fair, smooth, paradise, small bird  +
Meaningnc white, fair, smooth, paradise, small bird  +
Name jenna  +
Origin Hebrew  +, English  +, and Arabic  +
Popularity 1  +
Pronunciation JEN-ah  +
Rank in 2000s 56  +
Related Genevieve  +, Genna  +, Jean  +, Jen  +, Jena  +, Jenn  +, Jennabel  +, Jennah  +, Jennalee  +, Jennalynn  +, Jennarae  +, Jennasee  +, Jennifer  +, and Jenny  +
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