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Gender: male
Pronunciation: gare-ett
Meaning: spear
Related Names: Garet, Garett, Garret, Jaret, Jarrett, Jarritt

Length: 7 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 107


Name: garrett Origin: Germanic,, Meaning (no case): spear

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Garrett and its derivatives was and were originally surnames tied to the Germanic names Gerald or Gerard from the similar root element “gar” for “spear.” [1]

Another etymology sources to the Irish and Anglo Saxon Garrett itself for "Lord of the spear", "god of the spear" or "spear wielder." [1]. Another Irish derivative of the name means “to watch.”

As with many surnames, they became first names as the purpose of a surname, such as identifying a family line to a location or profession, became less necessary. Additionally, many families feared losing their founding names’ roots to marriages and history. Consequently, these once surnames became middle and first names – often then frequently adopted by others not even part of the original family.


Social Security Administration - Empty rankings indicate the name was not among the 1000 most popular names for that year.

Year of Birth Rank
2006 138
2005 124
2004 114
2003 106
2002 91
2001 80
2000 74
1999 78
1998 80
1997 85
1996 85
1995 80
1994 82
1993 79
1992 88

Garrett is also popular as a first name for boys in Australia and Canada.


  • Garrett P.I. is a fantasy series written by author Glen Cook. Garrett, the series’ protagonist, is a private investigator.
  • Robert Work Garrett (surname) (1820-1884) was one of the most prominent and influential men in the United States during the 19th Century. He was president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, a banker and philanthropist. Garrett Country, Maryland; Garret Park, Maryland and Garrett, Indiana are all named for him. [1]
  • Of all of the Garretts in history, perhaps one of the most intriguing stories relates to Gerald Gearoid Mór Fitzgerald, the 8th Earl of Kildare, who died c. September 1513. According to legend, Gearóid, as he was known, practiced what where then called the “black arts.” One of his powers was supposed to have been his ability to shapeshift – or change into something else at will. Despite numerous pleas from his wife to show her this ability, he delayed doing this. Finally, and in front of her, he changed into a goldfinch bird. At that time, a sparrowhawk flew into the room and snatched him and flew away. He was never seen again. His spirit is said to rise every seven years yet always be a presence when it comes to the defense of Ireland. [1]


  • Garrett Park, MD Population (1990): 884
  • Garrett, IN Population (1990): 5349 Zip code(s): 46738
  • Garrett, KY Zip code(s): 41630
  • Garrett, PA Population (1990): 520 Zip code(s): 15542
  • Garrett, WY Zip code(s): 82058
  • Garrett, IL Population (1990): 169
  • Garrett, TX Population (1990): 340
  • Garrett, WA Population (1990): 1004



Garrett Garrett, Garrett Smith, Garrett Johnson, Garrett Williams, Garrett Jones, Garrett Brown, Garrett Davis, Garrett Miller, Garrett Wilson, Garrett Moore, Garrett Taylor, Garrett Abben, Garrett Abdo, Garrett Abell, Garrett Abernathy, Garrett Abregano, Garrett Abrotsky, Garrett Aburaad, Garrett Adair, Garrett Adaline, Garrett Adams, Garrett Adcock, Garrett Addams, Garrett Adderley, Garrett Addington, Garrett Adel, Garrett Adema, Garrett Adie, Garrett Adkinson, Garrett Agena, Garrett Agrell, Garrett Aguilar, Garrett Odell, Garrett Abel, Garrett Abrahamson, Garrett Acquistapace, Garrett Adamczyk, Garrett Addison, Garrett Adkins, Garrett Adrian, Garrett Affeldt, Garrett Aaron, Garrett Abe, Garrett Abernethy, Garrett Abney, Garrett Acaley, Garrett Acosta, Garrett Acoya, Garrett Acree, Garrett Acuff, More results

Author: Mike_Szimanski



Facts about GarrettRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 7  +
Meaning spear  +
Meaningnc spear  +
Name garrett  +
Origin Germanic  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation gare-ett  +
Rank in 2000s 107  +
Related Garet  +, Garett  +, Garret  +, Jaret  +, Jarrett  +, and Jarritt  +
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