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lively, father in rejoicing, joy of my father, joyful




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Court sides with homeschoolers in schedule fight
June 01, 2013
In a dispute with state school officials, the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that a homeschooling family is free to set its own school calender, as long as it meets the requirement for class hours. As WND reported, school officials demanded that Eric and Gail Thacker and their children be charged with truancy, because the family [...]
Homeschoolers fight state over schedule demands
January 23, 2013
A fight in Nebraska over whether the state can dictate not only the number of hours for homeschooling students to be in class each year, but on which days, has been elevated to the state Supreme Court. The state has accused a homeschooling family, identified as Eric and Gail Thacker and their children, of truancy because, [...]
HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Supreme Court - Home School Legal Defense Association
January 22, 2013
HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Supreme Court

Home School Legal Defense Association

The Supreme Court of Nebraska will decide whether homeschoolers Eric and Gail Thacker violated Nebraska law because their homeschool calendar didn't start until October while the public schools began in August. Because this homeschooling case will ...

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