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Gender: male
Pronunciation: far-rest, fore-est
Meaning: one who lives by the forest
Related Names: For, Fore, Forest

Length: 7 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 997


Name: forrest Origin: [[Origin::origin:originally French]], [[Category:origin:originally French Names]], [[Category:origin:originally French Given Names]], [[Origin::origin:later an English surname]], [[Category:origin:later an English surname Names]], [[Category:origin:later an English surname Given Names]] Meaning (no case): one who lives by the forest



Forrest has its roots as an English surname based on a French derivative of one who lived “by a forest.” As was the case with many names, a surname became very popular as a first name. As succeeding generations married, the original family name (surname) can get pushed further back or vanish in family appendages. This is naturally and especially true with women and their names’ traditional role as a maiden name.

Additionally, a certain individual, hero, public figure or other person with some level of fame can influence the popularity of a name. In the case of Forrest, it rose significantly after the United States Civil War, possibly after the Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821-1877) [1]


Social Security Administration - Empty rankings indicate the name was not among the 1000 most popular names for that year.

Year of Birth Rank
2003 877
2002 852
2001 806
2000 696
1999 661
1998 619
1997 537
1996 492
1995 308
1994 217
1993 290
1992 316

Additionally, Forrest holds the following ranks in international popularity:

401st - as a boy's name in Canada (British Columbia) (2005) 526th - as a boy's name in Canada (British Columbia) (1998) 537th - as a boy's name in Australia (New South Walse) (1997[1]


“Forrest Gump” was one of the most popular movies of the 1990s. Released in 1994 and starring Tom Hanks in the title role, the movie was based in the book by Winston Groom. It is perhaps best known for introducing into the American lexicon “Life is like a box of chocolates.” (Indicating one never knows what one is going to get.)


  • Forrest City, AR Population (1990): 13364 Zip code(s): 72335
  • Forrest County, MS Population (1990): 68314
  • Forrest, IL Population (1990): 1124 Zip code(s): 61741



Forrest Smith, Forrest Johnson, Forrest Williams, Forrest Jones, Forrest Brown, Forrest Davis, Forrest Miller, Forrest Wilson, Forrest Moore, Forrest Taylor, Forrest Abbey, Forrest Abner, Forrest Abrahamson, Forrest Abramson, Forrest Acre, Forrest Adair, Forrest Adcock, Forrest Addington, Forrest Adison, Forrest Aemmer, Forrest Agmon, Forrest Agnew, Forrest Ahonen, Forrest Ahvakana, Forrest Aarvig, Forrest Abbott, Forrest Abelmann, Forrest Aber, Forrest Abercrombie, Forrest Abernathy, Forrest Abernethy, Forrest Abild, Forrest Acker, Forrest Ackerman, Forrest Ackley, Forrest Acrey, Forrest Adolphson, Forrest Adamson, Forrest Ableman, Forrest Ackert, Forrest Acree, Forrest Adrow, Forrest Ahkiviana, Forrest Ahrens, Forrest Aiken, Forrest Abel, Forrest Abell, Forrest Abney, Forrest Adam, Forrest Adams, More results

Author: Mike_Szimanski


Facts about ForrestRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 7  +
Meaning one who lives by the forest  +
Meaningnc one who lives by the forest  +
Name forrest  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation far-rest, fore-est  +
Rank in 2000s 997  +
Related For  +, Fore  +, and Forest  +
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