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Gender: female
Pronunciation: ee-VAN-jah-leen
Meaning: good tidings
Related Names: Angeline, Evangela, Evangelyn, Evangelia

Length: 10 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 988


Name: evangeline Origin: Latin Hebrew,, Meaning (no case): good tidings



Evangeline comes from the Latin word evangelium, meaning "good tidings." Evangeline is a Greek girl name, but it is mainly used in English. [1]

In Greek, Evangeline means "like an angel" or "good news."


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Evangeline was the 597th most popular girl's name in the United States in 2006. The name Evangeline was given to less than 150 babies in the United States in 2006. It's slightly more popular in South Australia and British Columbia.


EVANGELINE Lilly, on the television show "Lost," was born Nicole Evangeline Lilly in Canada. She worked as an extra while attending school. She once did ads for a dating hotline which resurfaced in 2005 after she gained fame on "Lost." She briefly dated costar Dominic Monaghan (Charlie on "Lost") but they broke up in 2007.

  • Louisiana State University's EVANGELINE Hall is one the oldest residence halls on campus. Ghosts are believed to haunt Evangeline. Rumor has it that a male janitor and two girl spirits roam the floors. People hear sounds of laughter and mysterious noises. The fourth floor seems to be the main source of supernatural activity.


  • SS Yarmouth Castle was christened EVANGELINE. She was built in 1927. During World War II she was sent to the Pacific to serve as a troop ship. The ship ferried combat troops from San Francisco to the island battlefronts.
  • EVANGELINE State Park is located in Louisiana.
  • EVANGELINE, Louisiana
  • √ČVANG√ČLINE, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Songs named Evangeline:
    • "Evangeline" (Bad Religion)
    • "Evangeline" (Cocteau Twins)
  • Characters named Evangeline from television:
    • Evangeline Williamson (One Life to Live)
  • "Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie" is a poem by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The poem follows Evangeline across America as she spends years in a search for her beloved. Finally she settles in Philadelphia and, as an old woman, works as a nun among the poor. While tending the dying she finds her beloved among the sick, and he dies in her arms.
  • Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.




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Author: JL Perry

Facts about EvangelineRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 10  +
Meaning good tidings  +
Meaningnc good tidings  +
Name evangeline  +
Origin Latin  +, and Hebrew  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation ee-VAN-jah-leen  +
Rank in 2000s 988  +
Related Angeline  +, Evangela  +, Evangelyn  +, and Evangelia  +
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