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Gender: female
Pronunciation: El - sah (English), L - sah (German)
Meaning: noble birth, swan, truth
Related Names: Alice, Allison, Elyce, Ella, Ellison, Elizabeth, Ailsa, Elsie, Elsi, Elsy, Ellsa, Ellse, Ellsey, Ellsie, Ellsy, Else, Elsje, Ilse, Ilsey, Ilsie, Ilsy

Length: 4 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 776


Name: elsa Origin: English,,, Spanish,,, German,, Meaning (no case): noble birth, swan, truth

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Elsa can be found in Hispanic, Swedish and Scottish populations today but it originated with the German and Hebrew people. Elsa is considered a variation of the names Alice and Elizabeth. Alice was originally from the Old German Adelaide and then the High German Adelheidis and means 'of noble birth' or 'noble maiden'. Elizabeth, a Hebrew name originally pronounced as Elisheva, means Oath of God or God's solemn Oath. In Anglo-Saxon Elsa means "swan" and in Spanish and Swedish the name means "Truth."

Elizabeth appears in the Holy Bible as the wife of Aaron in Exodus 6 and also in the New Testament, Luke 1, as the mother of John the Baptist. The name Elsa and its variations appeared in Britain during the 15th century. Princess Elsa of Brabant was the fictional heroine in the German Arthurian opera called Lohengrin written by the composer Richard Wagner in 1848.


Elizabeth and its variations became popular in the 15th century due to Queen Elizabeth I. Elsa found a resurgence of popularity peaking in 1895 because of Richard Wagner's opera. Today, Elsa is beginning to grow in popularity again especially in areas such as Finland and Sweden.


  • Elsa is the name of a starship in a video game series called Xenosaga.
  • Elsa is also a name used in several movies. A few of these include:
    • Dr. Elsa Schneider played by Alison Doody in the adventure movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
    • a secondary character in The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Elsa is played by Amy Sloan.
    • Rita Hayworth plays Elsa Bannister in the movie The Lady From Shanghai (1947).
    • Elsa Morganthal-Strauss Armistan is played by Cher in the movie Tea with Mussolini (1999).
  • Elsa is also the name of characters written in several different novels, a few belonging to authors such as J.D.Robb (aka Nora Roberts), Catherine Coulter, and Nancy E. Turner. Elsa the lioness is a character in the book and the film Born Free.
  • There's a Halloween costume named Elsa The Ghost Maid Costume.


  • Elsa is used as an acronym for the European Law Student's Association that is a membership of students and graduates who are interested in law and international issues.
  • Elsa, the lioness in the film Born Free.
  • Elsa Jewelry, also known as, specializes in engagement and wedding jewelry and is based in Long Island, New York.
  • Elsa is an asteroid known as 182 Elsa discovered by J. Palisa in 1878. Also, Elsa is the name of an Elkhound-based C/C++ Parser, as well as the abbreviation of an orchid genus called Elearethusa.
  • Elsa, Texas in the United States as well as Elsa, Yukon Territory in Canada.


  • Elsa Lanchester, October 28, 1902-December 26, 1986, the actress who played in the movie, Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) who designed Parisian fashions of the 1920s and 30s among those fashions was the popular padded shoulder in 1932.
  • Elsa Benitez, born in 1977, who is a Mexican supermodel.
  • Elsa Lunghini, born in 1973, a French singer and actor.
  • Elsa Gregori, born in 1985, a Cambridge Geographer.



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Author: Tricia Schneider

Facts about ElsaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 4  +
Meaning noble birth, swan, truth  +
Meaningnc noble birth, swan, truth  +
Name elsa  +
Origin English  +, Spanish  +, and German  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation El - sah (English), L - sah (German)  +
Rank in 2000s 776  +
Related Alice  +, Allison  +, Elyce  +, Ella  +, Ellison  +, Elizabeth  +, Ailsa  +, Elsie  +, Elsi  +, Elsy  +, Ellsa  +, Ellse  +, Ellsey  +, Ellsie  +, Ellsy  +, Else  +, Elsje  +, Ilse  +, Ilsey  +, Ilsie  +, and Ilsy  +
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