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Gender: male
Pronunciation: ell-mer, ELL-mer
Meaning: noble and famous
Related Names: El, Elm, Elmo, Aylmar, Aylmer, Aymer, Ellmer, Elmir

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 786


Name: elmer Origin: English,,, Old English,, Meaning (no case): noble and famous



Although originally a surname of English and Old English origins, Elmer has been used as a first name in the United States and other English-speaking countries since at least the 1800s. Elmer has at its roots the elements of noble and famous. [1]


Social Security Administration - Empty rankings indicate the name was not among the 1000 most popular names for that year.

Year of Birth Rank
2006 907
2005 838
2004 865
2003 665
2002 775
2001 761
2000 864
1999 899
1998 763
1997 718
1996 723
1995 746
1994 788
1993 736
1992 687


  • ELMER (acronym) - Electronic Line Management Enterprise Reporting
  • Elmer Fudd (Elmer J. Fudd) – is an animated character created by Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies as part of the Warner Bros. family of cartoons. He was not particularly bright, was constantly being outwitted by Bugs Bunny and he stuttered.
  • Elmer’s School Supply is a company most well known to generations of students for its white, all-purpose glue. The glue is and has been for years packaged in a white/clear bottle with an orange twist cap and black and orange labeling. When the glue was first introduced by the Borden company in the 1940s, it was called "Cascorez Glue." Later, and in order to capitalize on Borden’s trademark cow Elsie, a bull image was created as a partner to Elsie named Elmer. It is from this bull that Elmer’s Glue was marketed. [1]
  • The famous El Morocco nightclub in New York City (since gone) was referred to as Elmer or Elmo


  • Elmer City, WA Population (1990): 290
  • Elmer, LA Zip code(s): 71424
  • Elmer, MO Population (1990): 91 Zip code(s): 63538
  • Elmer, NJ Population (1990): 1571 Zip code(s): 08318
  • Elmer, OK Population (1990): 132 Zip code(s): 73539 [1]
  • Elmer Crater is a crater on Earth’s moon.


  • Clyde Elmer Anderson (1912 –1998), (A/K/A C. Elmer Anderson) was the 28th Governor of Minnesota (Republican) from 1951 to 1955.
  • Elmer C.A. Burger (1891 – 1952) was the inventor of the rear view mirror. He is buried in Forever Park in Hollywood, California. [1]
  • Elmer Blaney Harris (1878 – 1966) was an American playwright, dramatist and author. One of his early patrons was Phoebe Apperson Hearst, the mother of William Randolph Hearst. Among his written works is the script for “Johnny Belinda.”[1]
  • Elmer Charles Bigelow (1920 –1945) was a sailor in the United States Navy. He distinguished himself by, among other ways, being awarded the highest military decoration in the Untied States - Medal of Honor. The United States naval destroyer the USS Bigelow was posthumously named in his honor in 1957. [1]


Elmer Smith, Elmer Johnson, Elmer Williams, Elmer Jones, Elmer Brown, Elmer Davis, Elmer Miller, Elmer Wilson, Elmer Moore, Elmer Taylor, Elmer Abarca, Elmer Abartoa, Elmer Abeel, Elmer Aboganem, Elmer Abplanalp, Elmer Abriam, Elmer Abston, Elmer Abuel, Elmer Abustan, Elmer Acasio, Elmer Abshier, Elmer Abbott, Elmer Abee, Elmer Abner, Elmer Abueg, Elmer Acidera, Elmer Barker, Elmer Aakjar, Elmer Aakre, Elmer Aaron, Elmer Aaseth, Elmer Abad, Elmer Abalahin, Elmer Abapo, Elmer Abbas, Elmer Abbo, Elmer Abehuela, Elmer Abel, Elmer Abell, Elmer Abeloe, Elmer Abelon, Elmer Abend, Elmer Abendschein, Elmer Abenes, Elmer Abernathy, Elmer Abeyta, Elmer Abitria, Elmer Able, Elmer Ables, Elmer Abmeyer, More results

Author: Mike Szimanski


Facts about ElmerRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 5  +
Meaning noble and famous  +
Meaningnc noble and famous  +
Name elmer  +
Origin English  +, and Old English  +
Popularity 3  +
Pronunciation ell-mer, ELL-mer  +
Rank in 2000s 786  +
Related El  +, Elm  +, Elmo  +, Aylmar  +, Aylmer  +, Aymer  +, Ellmer  +, and Elmir  +
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