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Gender: product
Meaning: egg in a small cup
Related Names: Christmas

Length: 6 Gender: {{#if product



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: eggnog Origin: {{{origin}}} Meaning (no case): egg in a small cup

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There are several different stories about how eggnog got its name. The drink is made with eggs, so that accounts for the first half of the name, but what about the nog?

One theory says the name was originally "egg and grog," with grog being a slang term for rum. "Egg and grog" became "Egg'n'grog," which was eventually shortened to Eggnog, or Egg-nog. This theory suggests that the name is of American origin.[1] There is some debate as to whether the drink came from Europe or America. Most likely, American took the English drink called "Posset," changed a few ingredients and popularized it.[1]

Alternatively, the name may relate to the English word nog. Nog was an English word, traced specifically to East Anglia, which refered to a type of strong ale. The name Eggnog may have been simply a combination of the words "egg" and "nog" to refer to a drink that contained both eggs and strong alcohol.[1]

Yet another possible source for the name Eggnog is the word noggin. Noggin was a 17th century term for a small cup or a mug.[1] This type of vessel was the most common way to serve a drink such as Eggnog in taverns when the patrons were seated at tables. The original name may have been "Egg drink in a Noggin," or even "Egg and Grog in a Noggin."[1]

The Oxford English Dictionary cites the first instance of Eggnog in the written English language as 1825.[1] The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, however, traces usage of the term Eggnog back a bit further, to 1775.[1]


  • The traditional ingredients for Eggnog are milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs, and some spice such as cinamon or nutmeg.[1] Common added liquors include brandy, bourbon and rum.[1] Some sources say the original recipes for Eggnog called for Sherry.[1]
  • Eggnog gets its frothy texture from the beaten eggs.[1]
  • Since both fresh eggs and milk were difficult to come by in pre-industrial London, Eggnog was considered a luxury of the high classes.[1]
  • Eggnog was considered a social drink, and because of this it was commonly offered at holiday parties, which helped form its reputation as a Christmas-time drink.[1]
  • In the seventeenth century, Eggnog was a popular choice for toasting one's health.[1]
  • In Iceland, there is a traditional non-alcoholic warm dessert that resembles eggnog.[1]


  • Biblia con pisco (Peru)
  • Biersuppe (Germany)
  • Coquito (Puerto Rico)
  • Egg Flip
  • Egg-hot
  • Egg-nogg
  • Posset
  • Rompope (Mexico)
  • Syllabub [1]

Author: Sarena Ulibarri


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Gender product  +
Length 6  +
Meaning egg in a small cup  +
Meaningnc egg in a small cup  +
Name eggnog  +
Origin {{{origin}}}  +
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Related Christmas  +
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