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Gender: male
Pronunciation: derk, durk
Meaning: dagger
Related Names: Dereck, Derek, Derk, Dir, Dirck

Length: 4 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: dirk Origin: [[Origin::origin:Flemish/Dutch]], [[Category:origin:Flemish/Dutch Names]], [[Category:origin:Flemish/Dutch Given Names]] Meaning (no case): dagger



Although Dirk is also a derivative of the Flemish and Dutch form of the name Derek, it also has etymological roots in the Scottish word dirk (from the Gaelic durc) for dagger. Its periodic yet ongoing popularity seems more closely tied to high-profile figures over the last century than to any direct historical track to family or surnames. [1]

Other etymological roots for Dirk include a version of the name Theodoric that equates to “God’s gift,” a French/Flemish version of “ruler for the people,” and as a deviation on the Scottish dagger version with “rules by the spear.” [1]


According to the Social Security Administration, Dirk is not in the top 1000 names for any year of birth in the last 19 years. However, Dirk has had its run of popularity over the past century. It last fell within the top 1000 names in the United States in 1989, where it placed 985th. During the 1950s and 1960s however, it hovered respectably in the 400s and reached its height in popularity in 1954 at 341st. Some believe the increase in popularity in the 1960s was due to actor Dirk Bogarde (Sir Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde) (b. 1921). Although he was an actor of Dutch decent, he was born in Scotland. Coincidentally, Dirk has Dutch roots (from Derek) but its Scottish roots are most closely tied to the name Dirk in spelling and phonetically (durc = dagger). [1]


  • Dirk Gently was the main character in “Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency” written by Douglas Adams.
  • Dirk McQuickly was the fictional depiction of the Paul McCartney figure in parody band The Rutles (based on The Beatles). McQuickly was played by Monty Python alum Eric Idle.
  • Dirk Diggler is main character in the movie Boogie Nights played by Mark Walberg. Boogie Nights told the story of a pornographic movie studio in the 1970s and the challenges it faced with new technology (video), actor meltdowns, drugs and hedonism.[1]


  • DIRK (acronym) - Deutscher Investor Relations Kreis (German investor relation federation)[1]


  • Dirk Nowitzki, basketball player (b. 1978) is a German-born American Basketball player (Dallas) and member of the NBA (National Basketball Association). He is a forward in his 9th season with the NBA and has participated in six All-star games. [1]
  • Dirk Bogarde (Sir Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde) (1921 – 1999) was a British film actor and writer very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of his more popular films include “For Better or Worse,” “They Who Dare” and “Doctor in the House.” [1]


Dirk Smith, Dirk Johnson, Dirk Williams, Dirk Jones, Dirk Brown, Dirk Davis, Dirk Miller, Dirk Wilson, Dirk Moore, Dirk Taylor, Dirk Abernathy, Dirk Abrolat, Dirk Adcock, Dirk Addis, Dirk Addison, Dirk Admiraal, Dirk Adriaanse, Dirk Aengeneyndt, Dirk Ahlbeck, Dirk Abbas, Dirk Abrahamson, Dirk Adamsen, Dirk Agueros, Dirk Ahlemann, Dirk Ailts, Dirk Albaugh, Dirk Adair, Dirk Aardsma, Dirk Abben, Dirk Abbot, Dirk Abbott, Dirk Abeln, Dirk Abney, Dirk Abraham, Dirk Abshire, Dirk Ackema, Dirk Ackerman, Dirk Acklin, Dirk Adam, Dirk Adams, Dirk Adamus, Dirk Aden, Dirk Adkins, Dirk Agarwal, Dirk Agee, Dirk Aheimer, Dirk Ahle, Dirk Ahlers, Dirk Ahlgrim, Dirk Ahlich, More results

Author: Mike Szimanski


Facts about DirkRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 4  +
Meaning dagger  +
Meaningnc dagger  +
Name dirk  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation derk, durk  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Dereck  +, Derek  +, Derk  +, Dir  +, and Dirck  +
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