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Gender: female
Pronunciation: DAY-nah
Meaning: from Denmark, wisdom
Related Names: Dane, Daniel, Danielle, Danika, Danna Dayna

Length: 4 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 373


Name: dana Origin: Gaelic,,, [[Origin::origin:Slavic]], [[Category:origin:Slavic Names]], [[Category:origin:Slavic Given Names]], Old English,, Meaning (no case): from denmark, wisdom



The name Dana is a feminized version of the name Dane, which is the demonym for people who live in Denmark, or who are from Denmark. It may also be related to the name Daniel, a Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge.” [1] Alternatively, the name may be traced to Celtic mythology. The goddess Dana, also called Danu and Danann was the Mother Goddess in Celtic Mythology, and was older than any of the other gods. The name comes from the root don, meaning generosity and wisdom. [1]


While it did see some usage previously, Dana became a very popular name in the early twentieth century. It hovered near the bottom of the top 1000 most popular girls' names in the United States until it began a steady climb in the 1930s. Dana reached its peak popularity in 1971 when it rose to number 44. In 2006, Dana ranked as number 395. The variant spelling Dayna has also seen popularity in the twentieth, century, though it has never cracked the top 500. [1]

In the year 2000, Dana ranked as number 114 on Australia’s list of most popular names. [1]

As a surname, Dana ranks as number 5,050 on the list of most common surnames in America. Most people with the surname Dana are to be found in California, followed by New York, Florida and Texas. [1]


  • Dana has several name days: April 8th and 18th in Latvia, April 16th in Slovakia, and December 11th in the Czech Republic. [1]
  • In Buddhism, Dana is a term that refers to the practice of generosity. [1]





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Author: Sarena Emily Levinson

Facts about DanaRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 4  +
Meaning from Denmark, wisdom  +
Meaningnc from denmark, wisdom  +
Name dana  +
Origin Gaelic  +, and Old English  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation DAY-nah  +
Rank in 2000s 373  +
Related Dane  +, Daniel  +, Danielle  +, Danika  +, Danna  +, and Dayna  +
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