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little bald one or bald




kal-VIN or KAL-vin

TAY-ler, TAY-lor, TAY-lur

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Oklahoma’s Dangerous Dearth of Storm Cellars
May 22, 2013
The deadly tornadoes that struck outside Oklahoma City on Monday have a lot of people asking why there aren’t more storm cellars in the area, which would have enabled more residents to shelter safely. To debunk one popular response: It’s not that they can’t build basements there. But a combination of market and climatological forces makes them rare — and expensive. One key factor behind the dearth of basements in Oklahoma is the region’s frost line. Structural foundations everywhere need to be set below the depth at which the surrounding ground freezes. In most northern states, that means digging as much as six feet down — and if you’ve already gone to that much effort, you might as well just go ahead and build a basement. In Oklahoma, however, the frost line is only about 18 inches below the earth’s surface, and since there’s no structural or financial advantage to digging deeper, most builders don’t. “The main issue is cost,” explains Calvin Taylor, owner of Taylor Concrete...
Spirituals For Worship Advanced Piano Book (Alfred's Sacred Performer Collections) book
April 27, 2013
Download here Calvin Taylor Find keyboard music perfect for worship services with Alfred's Sacred Performer Series.. I have been pleased to find that Alfred has a very nice series called Sacred Performer Collections . This is categorized as Advanced Piano, but I'd put it down at least a notch,. 48 pages.. For Piano . The following three . Christmas; Hymn; Sacred; Winter. Spirituals for Worship (Sacred Performer Collections). I find that . Sacred Performer Collections. christian gospel music Arranged for Advanced Piano . An optional duet part is included for the teacher or a more advanced student.The Oxford Book of Spirituals : M | Music-Books on Piano and Harpsichord. Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Sacred Book. Sacred Performer Seasonal Collections Sacred Performer Worship Suites Spirituals for Worship Sheet Music | Sheet Music Plus Piano Collection; Piano Supplemental. 40...

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