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Gender: male
Pronunciation: BO, BOE
Meaning: beautiful, handsome
Related Names: Bay, Beauregard, Belle, Bo

Length: 4 Gender: {{#if male



Rank in 2000s: 450


Name: beau Origin: French,,, Latin,, Meaning (no case): beautiful, handsome



French: Beautiful or handsome from the Latin bellus for pretty (1683)


Social Security Administration

Year of Birth Rank
2006 438
2005 417
2004 402
2003 422
2002 506
2001 504
2000 465
1999 478
1998 450
1997 466
1996 425
1995 440
1994 395
1993 422
1992 392


  • Beau is decidedly masculine and has come to mean a range of related descriptions and endearments. To a woman, a mate or man with whom she is romantically involved can be her “beau.” In United States southern culture, beau is commonly used to describe men and gentlemen in general. Also, it can mean a man with a reputation for fine dress and etiquette. Much of the this origin is based on George Bryan “Beau” Brummell (1778- 1840), an arbiter of men's fashion in England and a royally connected enough to be influential. His contributions included men wearing understated and fitted well-cut clothes, adorned with an elaborately-knotted cravat (tie). [1]
  • As masculine as Beau is, there are a number of less masculine synonyms that are associated with the name including: fashion plate, fop, gallant, dandy, dude, clotheshorse, sheik, swell, coxcomb, cockscomb and macaroni (the latter believed to be derived from British dandies who, in the 18th century, affected Continental mannerisms: "Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni"[1]


  • Beau Geste was a popular and some would say classic 1966 movie starring Guy Stockwell, Lesle Nielsen and Doug McClure, It was directed by Douglas Heyes and tells the story of a disgraced Englishman who leaves England to join the French Foreign Legion.


Children of celebrities


Beau Smith, Beau Johnson, Beau Williams, Beau Jones, Beau Brown, Beau Davis, Beau Miller, Beau Wilson, Beau Moore, Beau Taylor, Beau Abar, Beau Abbey, Beau Abbott, Beau Abene, Beau Abrahamson, Beau Abrams, Beau Abston, Beau Acosta, Beau Acton, Beau Adair, Beau Adams, Beau Adamson, Beau Adans, Beau Adcock, Beau Adcox, Beau Addison, Beau Adkins, Beau Adrian, Beau Agee, Beau Agesta, Beau Aggas, Beau Ahrens, Beau Akers, Beau Alanis, Beau Albert, Beau Albertsen, Beau Albertson, Beau Albiston, Beau Albrechtson, Beau Albright, Beau Albritton, Beau Alcorn, Beau Aldridge, Beau Aleaxander, Beau Aleksic, Beau Aleshire, Beau Alesi, Beau Alessi, Beau Aleuznela, Beau Alewine, More results

Author: Mike_Szimanski


Facts about BeauRDF feed
Gender male  +
Length 4  +
Meaning beautiful, handsome  +
Meaningnc beautiful, handsome  +
Name beau  +
Origin French  +, and Latin  +
Popularity 2  +
Pronunciation BO, BOE  +
Rank in 2000s 450  +
Related Bay  +, Beauregard  +, Belle  +, and Bo  +
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