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It's Greta...Not Gertrude

My name is Greta. How many Greta’s do you know? Probably not many. I have always liked my name for it’s uniqueness, yet there’s a lot of trouble that can be had with a name like mine.

For instance, people tend to want to change my name. Oh yes, things like Gertrude, or Gretchen or,– here’s my personal favorite (can you hear the sarcasm?) – Gerta. For some reason, people just have trouble with the name Greta. Honestly, I never really had much trouble with my name growing up. Other kids were generally nice. Except for the ones that teased me with “Hey Gretel, where’s Hansel?” Well, of course that would bother me if my name was Gretel. But it’s not, so it didn’t. (Oh yeah, definitely sarcasm here. I’m still seeing a therapist over that one!)

There is a very famous Greta. That would be Greta Garbo. But no, my parents didn’t name me after her. While she was a wonderful actress, my parents actually named me for my paternal grandmother’s nickname. Her name was Margarete and she was called Greta for short. So my name is a tribute to one of the best women that ever lived. (And there truly is no sarcasm here. I loved my grandmother).

No matter how many people butcher my name, or tried to make fun of it during my childhood, I love my name. And, apparently, so do some of my friends. I actually had a dog named after me. I find that after all this time, I am still trying to decide if that was really meant as a compliment...

Author: Greta Gunselman

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