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Gender: female
Pronunciation: a-ROON-dah-ti
Meaning: fidelity, unrestrained, morning star
Related Names: Aaron, Aditi, Arun, Arundathi, Arundhava, Astra, Estrella, Fidel, Roy

Length: 9 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: arundhati Origin: Sanskrit,, Meaning (no case): fidelity, unrestrained, morning star

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The origin of the name Arundhati is a bit unclear. It is the name given to the Morning Star, and is also the name of the goddess associated with that star. One source suggests that the star was named after a climbing plant, and that the root of the name means "unrestrained."[1] The root of the name is the Sanskrit word rudh, meaning "to restrain," and the prefix a, which means "not."[1]

Another source suggests that the name means "fidelity," but provides no etymological discussion.[1] It is likely that this definition refers to the Arundhati of Hindu mythology, who is considered the ideal faithful wife. It is therefore an association of the name, rather than a definition of it. The same may be said for the interpretation of the name as "morning star."

In Hindu tradition, the goddess Arundhati is paired with the Vedic sage Vasishtha.[1]


In the United States, Arundhati is a very uncommon name. It has not appeared on the list of the top 1000 most popular names in any recorded year.[1]

Arundhati is a more common name in India. Name statistics in India are not accurately kept, however, so it is difficult to determine just how popular a name is. One source cites that Arundhati is the 40th most popular girl's name in India.[1]


  • Hindu marriage rituals sometimes include something called an Arundhati Darshan[1] or Arundhati Marriage-Vow, during which the couple and their priest go outside, find the star called Arundhati, and vow to be like Vasishta and Arundhati.[1] Arundhati was a faithful wife, and is seen as the ideal model to which a wife should aspire.[1]
  • The star called Arundhati is one of the stars of the constellation Ursa Major, commonly known as the Big Dipper. The star Arundhati is also known as Alcor, and is one of the stars that makes up the handle of the Big Dipper constellation.[1]



Author: Sarena Emily Levinson


Facts about ArundhatiRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 9  +
Meaning fidelity, unrestrained, morning star  +
Meaningnc fidelity, unrestrained, morning star  +
Name arundhati  +
Origin Sanskrit  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation a-ROON-dah-ti  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Aaron  +, Aditi  +, Arun  +, Arundathi  +, Arundhava  +, Astra  +, Estrella  +, Fidel  +, and Roy  +
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