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Gender: female
Pronunciation: A-mahr-a, a-MAHR-a
Meaning: various
Related Names: Mary, Maria, Amaranta, Amarachi, Amaranth, Amarante, Amarantha

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if female



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: amara Origin: Greek,,, African,, Meaning (no case): various

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  • Amara is a name found in numerous cultures around the globe, with each culture attributing their own name and etymology to it. The most commonly given meaning is 'bitter' or 'the bitter one', and the name is often unduly criticised by speakers of some romance languages due to its connection to the word for 'bitter' in their respective languages. However, one must remember that it may be that Amara has the same root as names such as Mary and Maria, and may actually be a variant form. Given that both names contain the stem 'Mar', and Mary is given meanings such as 'sea of bitterness' and 'rebelliousness', it may well be that Amara has a simular meaning and is intended as variation on or bastardized form of the aformentioned name. The suggestion that 'Mary' stems from the Egyptian "mr", meaning 'love', is also valid for Amara.
  • Other suggestions claim that Amara has simular meanings to names such as Amarantha or Amarante, or is a shortened form of such names, which stem from the Greek word for 'unfading' (αμαραντος; amarantos).
  • Yet others list the Latin word for 'to love' (amare) or a possible Sanskrit stem meaning 'immortal' (amar) although both claims lack confirmation.
  • Amara is also a common name in Mongolia, derived from the verb Amarakh which means peaceful or restful. The name can be male or female.
  • Finally, Amara can also be a name of African origin, with two given suggestions. Firstly, it can be a female Igbo name meaning 'graceful'. It could also be a shortened form or nickname for the name Amarachi, which means 'God's grace' in Igbo. There are examples of it being occasionally used as a male name in such cultures.


  • In 2007, Amara was the 570th most popular girl's name in America. This is not its first appearance in the American top 1000, as it has been omnipresent since the beginning of the century. In 2000 it entered the list at the ranking of 800th place, sinking to 868th in 2001, before gradually rising in popularity through the following years. 2007 was the most popular year for the name, with #572 coming a close second in 2002.
  • The reverse trend is true for Catalonia. In 2003, Amara was the 392nd most popular girl's name, a decrease from its position at number 228 in 1999.
  • For Canada, Amara was the 537th most popular girl's name in 1999, and 430th in 2003.
  • Amara's popularity in Australia has fluctulated over the years. After lingering around the rank of 679th most popular, it sank dramatically in popularity in 2003 at number 292, only a year after reaching the highest recorded popularity for the country in 2000, at number 503.
  • Conversely, in 2004 Amara was the 2051st most popular name for boys in Belgium.


  • Amara is the name of a genus of beetles called sun beetles, which are found in eastern Asia and are black or bronze in colour.
  • Amara is the name of a world featured in Graham Edwards 'Stone' trilogy. It is described as being a giant stone wall, which is so immense that is dotted with whole living and extinct civilisations. Magic is universal in the world, allowing different languages spoken by different civilisations to be automatically translated for the hearer, making communication accessable for all.
  • Amara and Amarah or Al-Amarah are cities in Romania and Iraq respectively
  • The Amhara People are an ethnic group of Ethiopia, called the 'Amara' in Amharaic. They number at about 23 million, 30.1% of the country's population. Their name creates several other possible meanings of Amara; it could come from the word "amari" meaning "pleasing, agreeable, beautiful and gracious" or "mahare", meaning 'gracious' and bearing a resemblance for the verb 'to learn'. Amhara, in the Ge'ez language, is said to mean 'free people', from "ʿam" meaning 'people' and "h.ara", meaning 'free, soldier'. This suggestion, however, has been dismissed by many linguists.



  • In the English 'Sailor Moon' anime, Amara Tenoh is the civilian name of Sailor Uranus.
  • Amara Karan is a British actress of Sri Lankan Tamil origin.


Amara Abadie, Amara Abeynayaka, Amara Abid, Amara Achuko, Amara Adams, Amara Aderhold, Amara Adkins, Amara Adomako, Amara Afuvai, Amara Aguilar, Amara Akbar, Amara Alahaideb, Amara Bachu, Amara Baker, Amara Karan, Amara Singh, Amara Young, Amara Mukasa, Amara Favero, Amara Browning, Amara Cook, Amara Hadaly, Amara Limo, Amara Naiya, Amara Wofford, Amara Characterstics, More results

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Facts about AmaraRDF feed
Gender female  +
Length 5  +
Meaning various  +
Meaningnc various  +
Name amara  +
Origin Greek  +, and African  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation A-mahr-a, a-MAHR-a  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
Related Mary  +, Maria  +, Amaranta  +, Amarachi  +, Amaranth  +, Amarante  +, and Amarantha  +
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