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Gender: band
Pronunciation: A-C-D-C
Meaning: electrical emgineering abreviation for "alternate current/direct current"
Related Names: None listed.

Length: 5 Gender: {{#if band



Rank in 2000s: 0 0

Name: ac/dc Origin: {{{origin}}} Meaning (no case): electrical emgineering abreviation for "alternate current/direct current"


Like any good rock band, AC/DC cared more about the image its name would invoke than about the literal meaning of the name itself. As the story goes, the band's founding members, brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, saw the initials "AC/DC" etched on the back of a sewing machine owned by their sister, Margaret. The brothers had no idea that this common electrical engineering term stood for "alternate current/direct current," but correctly assumed that it had something to do with electrical power. In need of a name that would conjure an energetic image to match the band's wild, raw, electric sound and performance style, Angus and Malcolm quickly settled on "AC/DC" as a simple yet high-powered title for their straight-forward brand of rock. The name, and the members of AC/DC, have kept the rockin' energy flowing for over 30 years now.


  • Though the name "AC/DC" is properly pronounced one letter at a time ("A-C-D-C"), the band is commonly referred to as "Acca Dacca" in their home-country of Australia.
  • The same high-powered imagery that motivated the Young brothers to settle on the name "AC/DC" inspired the title of the band's first album, "High Voltage."
  • In some circles, "AC/DC" is a slang term for a bi-sexual (one who "goes both ways"), but the Young brothers have stated that they were unaware of this use of the term when they chose the name for their band.
  • On October 1, 2004, the city of Melbourne, Australia officially re-named Corporation Lane as "ACDC Lane" in reference to AC/DC. Melbourne's Lord Mayor, John So, paid tribute to the band, saying, "As the song says, there is a highway to hell, but this is a laneway to heaven. Let us rock." The street sign has been stolen and replaced numerous times.

Author: The great mike b


Facts about AC/DCRDF feed
Gender band  +
Length 5  +
Meaning electrical emgineering abreviation for alternate current/direct current  +
Meaningnc electrical emgineering abreviation for "alternate current/direct current"  +
Name ac/dc  +
Origin {{{origin}}}  +
Popularity 0  +
Pronunciation A-C-D-C  +
Rank in 2000s 0  +
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